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The avalanche of messages I received from all of you in response to yesterday’s column reflects the widespread interest in confronting difficult issues about faith and morality in a clear, respectful, and effective way.

While Fr. Thomas Euteneuer and I may disagree on how best to attain this lofty goal in certain venues, like on a secular television network, we are of one heart and mind on substance.

Before publishing my original article, I communicated to Fr. Euteneuer in a personal letter this attitude of fraternal unity and respectful disagreement. I also offered to consider publishing on Foxnews.com his response to my column.

In a future column we can examine the specific issue of artificial methods of contraception (the original debate), and in particular, why just over 75 years ago, every major Christian denomination opposed their use in marital, sexual relations, and why the Catholic Church still does. This may be a chance for Sean to examine the issue in depth.

Particularly interesting were the hundreds of messages I have received yesterday from non-Catholics, including many pastors, and non-Christians. In these notes you expressed your commitment to collaborate with both of us as we strive together to build a civilization of truth and love.

God bless, Father Jonathan

P.S. Based on the overall (not all!) positive reaction to last week’s video blog, I will post another one tomorrow. I will discuss in a very informal format the phenomenon of politicians making public statements about how Jesus’ teachings and the Bible validate their platforms and policies. The question is whether they are willing to use the same standard always, not just when it’s convenient.

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