It's the Most Expensive Purse in the World ... and Maybe the Ugliest

If a purse could be a mutt, this is the one. But this is one pricey mixed breed.

Luxury label Louis Vuitton has created the most expensive handbag ever: the $42,000 Tribute Patchwork Bag.

The Tribute is a medium-size shoulder bag with a gold chain that's made up of 15 favorite patterns from previous collections, all cut, patched, sewn and glued together.

"This bag is definitely a piece of art. It's a collectible," a spokeswoman told the New York Post.

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The must-have accessory for the ultra-rich is part of the company's spring collection. It is so exclusive that only 24 will be made — each one numbered.

Of those, only four are coming to the U.S., "and they are already taken," a spokeswoman told the Post. That customer isn't a celebrity, she added.

Why so expensive?

"You pay for the patterns and for the fact that each bag is handmade in Paris," the spokeswoman said.

Bloggers, however, have described the purse as "horrid," "gross," "tacky" and "hideous."

Who Said You Can't Be in Two Places at Once?

Now we see why they asked him to be best man.

Andy Priaulx, twice the world touring car champion, could not appear in a friend's wedding party after being unexpectedly called to race in South America.

So he sent a life-sized cardboard cut-out of himself — and a pre-recorded speech, reports the British Daily Mirror.

The cut-out stood next to the altar as Carlee Yates, 27, and groom Andy Richmond, 34, tied the knot in front of 100 guests.

Yates even shared a dance with the cut-out after the ceremony. And she still thinks Priaulx was the star of the wedding.

"It was brilliant. It was funny and emotional, a real tear-jerker. Andy pulled out all the stops. He was determined to be in two places at once," she said.

In his 15-minute speech, dad-of-two Priaulx, 32, poked fun at the groom's attempts to make his bride a waterbed — which fell to pieces after he got the dimensions wrong.

He also joked: "I would like to dispute suggestions I was getting out of buying a round."

The heartfelt speech also featured several out-takes where his swear words were bleeped. During the race in Brazil he wore a message on his helmet wishing the couple good luck.

After the speeches, the cardboard Priaulx was taken for a twirl by his wife Jo, 37.

"He's a better dancer than the real one," she said.

Doing It Like They Do It On the Discovery Channel

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — For some zookeepers in Amsterdam, Akili turned out to be the gorilla of their dreams.

The Artis Zoo tried to mate their female gorillas with two other males, but wasn't having much luck in producing offspring.

So they turned to Akili, a gorilla from a German safari park. The result was the first birth at the zoo in 10 years.

Akili arrived in September 2005 and quickly impregnated Binti, who gave birth Tuesday, as well as two other females, Dafina and Shindy.

"We tried earlier with two other males but both of them couldn't do it, couldn't perform," said zoo spokesman Bart Kret. "Gorillas have a low sex drive, low sperm count, and often something goes wrong."

The baby has not yet been named. The zookeepers aren't sure of its gender yet because Binti "is keeping the baby very close to her and we don't want to disturb that," Kret said.

The baby appears to be "very heavy and hairy, with very thick arms," he said.

Dafina and Shindy are both due in late summer, he said.

Gorillas are an endangered species in Africa, but births in captivity are not rare: Binti was born in another Dutch zoo, while Akili was born in Frankfurt and lived at the safari park in Hodenhagen, Germany, before his move to the Netherlands.

Must Have Been Fresh Out of Good Excuses

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A man told police not to blame him for crashing his truck into a light post — it was that unicorn behind the wheel.

Prosecutor Ingrid Rosenquist said Phillip C. Holliday Jr. initially denied driving the truck involved in the March 7 crash in Billings. He told officers at the scene that a unicorn was driving, she said.

Holliday, 42, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to felony charges of criminal endangerment and drunken driving.

A pickup truck drove through a red light and nearly struck another truck in the intersection, according to court documents. The driver then made an erratic U-turn through a gas station, crossed the street and crashed into a light pole. Nobody was injured.

Holliday has five drunken-driving convictions. District Judge Gregory Todd kept his bail at $100,000 despite his lawyer arguing that Holliday's last such conviction was 14 years ago.

A Reason Ynot to Change Your Name

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Justin Brady's friends call him Bubba, so he figured why not ask a judge to change it legally. He wants to be known as Ynot Bubba. "It's just a name," Brady, 43, said in a telephone interview from Alabama, where he was on the road.

"I want my name to (be) ... not just something common," said Brady, who lives in Las Cruces but spends most of his time trucking the highways.

Brady said he was given up for adoption as a baby and lived in an orphanage until he was 14, when he was taken in by a couple who divorced two years later. Now, he said, his foster father wants nothing to do with him "and I basically want nothing to do with his name."

His chosen first name, Ynot, comes from communities around the country named Wynot and Whynot.

His choice of last name comes from people he now considers family who nicknamed him Bubba eight years ago for no particular reason.

"They only knew me by Bubba," he said. "I would call and say, 'It's Justin,' and they would say, 'Who?' I'd say 'It's Bubba,' and they knew who it was."

Now he said his friends laugh when he tells them about his pending name change.

Ynot Bubba was the final choice among three names Brady considered. He considered Lacon Marlboro, inspired by the town of like Lacon, Ala., and his preferred choice of cigarette. He also considered More Chek, from his desire for more money.

Brady's name change petition will be heard April 2.

"If you see in the paper that I get denied the first one, you'll see me applying for the other one," said Brady, possibly soon to be Ynot Bubba or Lacon Marlboro or More Chek.

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