Is There a Teacher in the House?

Contrary to what people may think, I have a deep respect for most teachers. Good teachers. How many of us don’t have fond memories of our own teachers? Memories that stretch back decades? We remember these people because they are often great influences in our lives. They taught us many of our first lessons in life. We can never repay them for all the knowledge they provided us.

Teacher salaries have been an issue for a long time. Long hours, challenging kids, taking work home. We have heard it all before. Teachers aren’t paid enough to their liking. Join the club. Everyone has thought at some point that they were underpaid and overworked. It is nothing new. Nor is it something unique to the teaching profession.

Some teachers in West Virginia joined a walkout this week to protest their salaries, resulting in cancelled classes in 14 counties.

Shame on them. Their job is to TEACH and they can’t do that if they are out front holding up signs. How about they protest on a weekend? Or after school hours? Don’t punish the kids!!

Teachers point to the fact that West Virginia ranks 47th in the nation for teacher salaries. And yet the average teacher last year made over $41,000 according to state records!$41,000 a year puts them 47th?!?! Besides, these teachers DID receive a raise, but it looks like a 3.5% raise wasn’t enough.

Teachers hate it when I bring this inconvenient fact up…most teacher get at least 3 months off every year. Do you? Have you EVER had a job that paid you $41,000 a year and only made you work 9 months out of the year?? And no offense, but the cost of living in West Virgina is not what it is in California or New York . I have managed in the past to raise a family making less than that in the Golden State , mortgage and all. So stop the whining!

Teachers! Get back into class, do the job you are paid to do, and change careers if things are still not to your liking. And most of all, remember why you chose this job in the first place. It was to fill minds, not your pocketbooks.