Cinderella Foundation Founder Takes Her Charitable Work to Sierra Leone

The Cinderella Foundation

Today, professional hairstylist Diane Stevens, founder of The Cinderella Foundation, came on my show and told us about her recent trip to Sierra Leone where she and three of her stylists met with 300 women of this West African country to teach them about hair treatment, hair extensions, manicures and pedicures, along with other techniques.

Diane Stevens is the owner of the Cole Stevens Salon and Day Spa, out of which she founded The Cinderella Foundation in Greenbelt, MD. The foundation is dedicated to inspiring and mentoring African-American girls in the Washington, Metropolitan area. The Cinderella program fosters cultural understanding by teaching hair grooming, encouraging better communication skills through role playing, and by providing a career center through their mentoring network.

Diane's hope is that her recent trip to Sierra Leone, where she taught the women of this country new skills in styling and beauty techniques, will result in their employment which will further help them in their efforts to support their families. She hopes to go back at least once a year and check in on the ladies that continue the program in Sierra Leone.

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