Handbag Feng Shui

Handbag Feng Shui

The most important part of Handbag Feng Shui is to improve the energy surrounding your bag. To do this:

• Choose the right color. Each color has a specific meaning and corresponds with the five elements. Feng Shui says choosing the correct color can improve your energy levels.

• Red = Fire
• Green = Wood
• Yellow = Earth
• Black = Water
• White = Metal

• Pick the right size and shape. Make sure your bag fits you just right. Carrying around a bag that’s too big is a burden and can drain your energy levels. Having a bag that is too small and can’t fit the necessities is stressful and not functional, also draining your energy. Go for bags that are shallow rather than deep, so you can find what you need when you need it, and aren’t tempted to carry around things you don’t need just because you have the space.

• Organize the inside of your bag. Energy levels can be affected by the level of organization (or disorganization) inside your bag. The three basic items in your bag are your wallet, your phone and your keys. Make sure you have proper compartments for the three basic items. And get rid of the clutter — take unnecessary items out of your bag.

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