Spring Break Fever!

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Welcome to another week of cable-casting and a special week on the "Friends" program. Because we are just entering that crazy three-week period known as Spring Break for America's college students, we're having our own Spring Break on "FOX & Friends!"

Today we kicked off our week of theme shows: on Tuesday our theme is NASCAR, Wednesday is MLB spring training, Thursday is "Circus Day" and Friday you'll find more bull than normal on the show — it's Rodeo Day!

Of course 90 percent of our show will still be news of the day, but you will get a little something extra each day this week, so please join us!

Also, if you have not yet entered, you have two weeks to sign up for our Breakfast with "FOX & Friends" Sweepstakes, a free trip for two to NYC, swanky hotel, etc., read the rules and enter yourself at www.foxandfriends.com and who knows, you could wind up having breakfast ON TELEVISION with us one morning very soon! Don't worry, we won't ask you to talk with your mouth full... that's our job.

See you again in the morning,

Steve Doocy

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