Splitting the Assets in Two... Literally

He was just taking his share.

A 43-year-old German man decided to settle his imminent divorce by chain sawing a family home in two and making off with his half in a forklift truck, reports news.com.au.

Police in the eastern town of Sonneberg said the trained mason measured the single-story summer house before chain sawing through the wooden roof and walls.

“The man said he was just taking his due,” a police spokesman said. “But I don't think his wife was too pleased.”

After finishing the job, the man picked up his half with the forklift truck and drove to his brother's house where he has since been staying.

Beware the Muffin-Mix Mailer

DOVER, N.H. (AP) — A Strafford woman who sent a note and powder to police along with her parking ticket fine was sentenced Wednesday to 100 hours of community service.

A jury last year convicted April Bedell, 36, of creating a false public alarm — a felony — over the note, which said she hoped police got the flu, and the powder that spilled onto a Rochester parking enforcement officer.

The powder turned out to be muffin mix, which Bedell said accidentally got into the envelope while paying bills in her kitchen. She said the note wasn't a threat, just a stupid thing to write after sneezing on the ticket and $15 check.

A Strafford County Superior Court judge also sentenced Bedell to two years of probation, a $1,000 fine and a tour of the local jail.

'Steer'-ing Into the Drive-Thru, but Guess He Didn't Want Fries With That

HURST, Texas (AP) — Officers corralled a black steer after its nearly two-hour romp through several cities Thursday, including a trip through a fast-food restaurant's drive-through lane.

The steer got loose about 10 a.m. in North Richland Hills somewhere near the NRH20 water park and made its way across the Tarrant County College Northeast campus, according to police.

It then wandered onto roads in several Fort Worth suburbs, was shot multiple times with tranquilizer darts and even found its way through a McDonald's drive-through lane.

"That wasn't a very good place for him to be," North Richland Hills police Lt. Ken Bounds told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for a story in its online edition Thursday.

Before noon the steer entered a creek in Hurst, and authorities had shot it several times with tranquilizer darts before leading it into a fenced area near a building where it was lassoed, according to news footage from some Dallas-Fort Worth television stations.

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