Griffs Notes 3/12/07

A strange thing is happening in the Iraq war debate: the far left fringe has declared war on its most liberal elected officials. As I reported on John Gibson’s television program on Friday, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more anti-war elected Democratic leader than House Appropriations Chairman David Obey. Yet that didn’t stop two anti-war activists – a Marine mom and a middle-aged organizer – from accosting Obey outside his Capitol Hill offices for not cutting off funding soon enough. For these folks, the message is clear: end the war NOW. Nothing else will suffice.

I recall covering Cindy Sheehan’s protest on the day Speaker Nancy Pelosi took over the gavel and the message was the same then: we won’t trust you until you end the war. And just yesterday, several peace activists marched over the Golden Gate Bridge and gathered outside Speaker Pelosi’s home demanding an end to funding for the war. Other high-profile Democrats getting harassed by this aggressive anti-war left were Dick Durbin, Barbara Mikulski, Rahm Emanuel and not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton.

The last time this odd phenomenon of anti-war party cannibalism broke out, it was 1968 and President Lyndon Johnson saw the streets of Chicago riot in protest to the Democratic National Convention. It’s too early to tell if history will repeat itself in Denver next summer – but if the war is still going on (and it’s likely that it will be) then Clinton and Obama had better have a plan to save the mile high city.

For some unexplained reason, Rep Jack Murtha has remained unscathed from attack from this ever-growing anti-war consolidation. Perhaps it was his video messages to or his raving lunatic appearances on NBC’s Meet the Press, but whatever it is that has protected him this long must surely be running out of time.

And here’s another thing about Murtha that irritates me – almost every time he opens his mouth, Murtha claims that he routinely visits Walter Reed – sometimes even weekly. So how is it that the Great Jack Murtha didn’t know or ever bother to mention the terrible conditions that have caused the resignations of the Army’s Surgeon General and the Commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center?

So get ready for more. There is a major anti-war march coming up this Saturday called “March on the Pentagon.” It’s being organized by the ANSWER Coalition, and will feature numerous peace activist luminaries like Cindy Sheehan, Ramsey Clark and Ed Asner. Their message is simple: US out of Iraq NOW.

But for the first time, a coalition of former Veterans and pro-military folks are descending upon the mall to stand “silent guard” watch over the Vietnam War Memorial Wall to protect it from the kind of vandalism last seen on the West Capitol steps in January. Their rally is being called the “Gathering of Eagles,” and considering that the famous Rolling Thunder Harley guys who show up in Washington every Memorial Day will be there this time too – I’m not sure the anarchists will fare as well as they did against the politically correct Hill cops.

And one last thing that I’m not sure anyone noticed: Saturday, March 17th is also St. Patrick’s Day. There is a large, passionate Irish population in the nation’s capital as well as some of the most famous Irish Pubs in the country – just minutes from the national Mall. Imagine what would happen if the angry anti-war march runs into a fed-up pro-military march that intersects with a short-tempered, over-served Irish Pub crawl?

I have no idea what will actually happen – but you can bet I’ll be there to find out… wearing my green FOX News hat.

Erin Go Bragh!