Get More Energy and Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Real Reasons You’re Dragging Through Life

Is it a case of the Monday’s or something more? Energy levels might not have anything to do with it. Here is what is causing your meltdown and how you can fix it:

1. You’re dehydrated: If you don’t drink enough fluids, you reduce the amount of blood flow to your organs and that can make you feel sluggish. How do know if you’re dehydrated or not? Go to the restroom. If your urine is clear or pale yellow, you’re getting enough fluids, if it’s any darker than that you should consider drinking more water.

2. Too much TV: One hour of TV means 144 fewer steps taken. What does that mean over the long run? It could mean slow and steady weight gain. Solution? Try watching TV while you’re doing something active. Watch TV on the treadmill or stationary bike, that way you get to watch your favorite shows and get a workout.

3. You’re obsessing: Are you one of those people who rehashes every fight or conflict you get in? Stop! It’s stressing you out and draining your energy! Instead, try writing down what’s bugging you or have a controlled venting session with a friend to get it out of your system. Tell yourself you will only vent for 5 minutes (that should be enough) then get back to your day. Dwelling on things has the power to ruin your day.

4. Too much cell phone: Is your cell phone glued to your ear? Studies show a connection between cell phone use and high anxiety. The cell phone has made it possible to be reached anywhere, anytime. This can be great, but it can also make it hard to hide. Make rules for yourself to avoid added stress from your cell. Have a set “on-call” time where you will answer the phone, and after that don’t be afraid to send calls to voicemail or just turn the thing off.

Protecting Your Identity

The Internet can be a blessing and a curse — particularly when it comes to identity theft. Have you ever wondered how your name, telephone number, address and even your birth date and social security number can end up on the Internet? Think it’s not that big a deal? Think again. These simple facts are all a potential identity thief needs to gain access to your personal accounts and information.

Here are some companies who will assist you in protecting your identity by helping you remove your personal information from certain Internet sites and databases:

US Search: This service sells background checks over the Internet. To have your information removed from their records you must make your request via postal mail.

Intelius: This company also sells background checks and will remove your information from their site if you fax them a copy of your driver’s license (you can black out your picture and license number) to confirm your identity, and request to be removed.

Acxiom: This company sells people’s personal information to businesses, law enforcement officials, marketing databases and Websites. You can call or email Acxiom to get your information removed from their database, which will simultaneously remove your information from other Web sites and databases.

White Pages: This is an online directory available to everyone. You can remove your information their directory by filling out an online form. This Web site is used by marketers to find addresses and phone numbers of potential customers. You can remove your information by filling out an online form.

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