Chia Watson from The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne, Florida, shows you how to pamper yourself at home using ingredients you find in the grocery store:

• Seaweed Facial

1 pinch sea salt
1 tablespoon coconut milk or soy milk
1 drop salmon omega-3 oil
3 drops olive oil
1 sheet giant seaweed (cut into three large strips and one small one)
1 ½ cups water
1 teaspoon plain yogurt
1 drop lavender oil or essential oil

In a small bowl, mix the sea salt and coconut milk together to make an exfoliant. Apply the mixture to the face with your hands, using upward circular motions and making sure to avoid the eye area. Then remove the exfoliant immediately with a lukewarm towel or wash cloth.

Next, prepare a serum by mixing salmon omega-3 oil and olive oil together. Rub the mixture into your hands and then pat it onto your face. Keep the serum on your face.

For the mask, soften the seaweed by soaking it for approximately two to three minutes in boiling water and then strain all excess water. Apply the long strips on your forehead, right and left sides of your face, and save the small piece for your nose, covering your entire face. Keep the mask on for five to 10 minutes, making sure to leave your eyes and lip area uncovered. Then discard the seaweed strips and refrain from cleaning your face.

Last, mix the yogurt and lavender together to create a soothing moisturizer. Place the yogurt mixture into your hands and warm it by gently rubbing your hands together. Apply the moisturizer to your face with your hands, once again using circular motions and avoiding the eye area. Then take two tissues and pat the excess yogurt from your skin.

• Seashell Therapy Exfoliant

2 tablespoons fine grain sand
½ cup coconut milk
3 drops lavender oil
½ cup plain yogurt
Two seashells

In a large rubber bowl, mix the sand with coconut milk to create an exfoliant. Apply the exfoliant with your hands using upward circular motions (clockwise and counterclockwise) across your entire body, avoiding all tender areas. Make sure to especially concentrate on your elbows and knee areas, which are the roughest parts of your body. Then rinse the exfoliant off by taking a luke warm shower.

While in the shower, use the seashells to massage your skin pressing the smoother side down for around five minutes.

After your seashell massage, turn off the shower and pat yourself dry, keeping your skin a little damp.

For the moisturizer, mix the yogurt and lavender together and then apply this mixture to your skin like a normal moisturizer, again using upward circular motions with your hands. Then take two tissues and pat the excess yogurt from your skin.

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