Sports Illustrated Stops Delivery of Swimsuit Issue to Schools, Libraries

There's disappointment in store for sweaty-palmed middle-school boys throughout the country.

The annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue — that midwinter harbinger of summer delights that has thrilled young lads and their dads and granddads for decades — is gone from the local library.

You literally can't check it out anymore, unless you're a subscriber and your mom doesn't confiscate it.

The magazine decided this year to withhold delivery of the issue to all subscribers listed as schools or libraries in their database, according to a Time Warner, Inc. spokesman.

The decision was made after receiving negative feedback from such institutions that tend to draw a "younger audience," according to Time Warner spokesman Rick McCabe.

To top it off, the libraries and schools that subscribe to the weekly sports magazine weren't given any warning whatsoever.

"There was not any communication ahead of time. One communication that will go out now, hopefully next week, is a mail communication so they know the issue is available," McCabe told FOX

McCabe said libraries and schools would be able to request a copy of the swimsuit issue through a 1-800 number or through their Web site.

Home and business subscribers can opt out of receiving the issue, McCabe said, by alerting the circulation department before the issue is due out.

The annual issue features supermodels modeling what can loosely be defined as swimwear. Often they are dressed in practically nothing, and sometimes even less.

Beyonce Knowles donned this year's cover.