Mom: Michigan Teen Shooter Stopped Taking Medication Before Killing

A teenager who shot his ex-girlfriend outside her school before killing himself had struggled with anger and depression and recently had stopped taking his medication, his mother said.

David Turner, 17, had bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and had watched his father die of a heart attack in 2002, his mother, Marie Turner, told the Midland Daily News.

"He wasn't a mean person," she told the newspaper. "He was just really sick. I kept trying to get him help, and nobody would help him."

David Turner shot 17-year-old Jessica Forsyth outside H.H. Dow High School on Wednesday before shooting himself, police said. Forsyth was listed in fair condition Thursday afternoon at a Flint hospital.

Marie Turner said her son and Forsyth saw a counselor for therapy the day before the shooting.

"They were fine," Marie Turner said. "They were laughing and having a good time. I think maybe ... he just snapped. ... I just know he didn't mean to hurt her. He loved her. He wanted to take her on a cruise."

The mother said her son's relationship with Forsyth was on and off. The two had broken up about a week ago. Her son had gone to Dow High to return a watch and other items belonging to Forsyth, she said.

Marie Turner said he must have found a hidden key and opened her safe containing firearms.