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Question 1: Two men were arrested in connection with a videotape that shows the suspects teaching a 2- and 5-year-old how to do what?

A. Jump rope
B. Smoke marijuana
C. Drive a car
D. Bungee Jump

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Question 2: Two U.S. aircraft carriers been sent to the Persian Gulf to strengthen its presence amid President Bush's accusations of what?

A. That Iran is backing Shiite militants in Iraq
B. That Iran will attend all-party talks in Baghdad
C. World War II military brothels
D. Threats to kidnap or kill Prince Harry

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Question 3: On Saturday, conservative commentator Ann Coulter's comments set off a mini firestorm in the 2008 presidential horserace, and sent some Republican candidates running for cover, when she referred to who as a "faggot"?

A. Rudy Giuliani
B. John McCain
C. John Edwards
D. Mitt Romney

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Question 4: Cooper Brannan, 22, a United States Marine was home from a second tour in Iraq because he lost his finger to a grenade; why is he now making headlines?

A. He was charged with treason
B. He's decided to become a priest
C. He played with the three Bluffton University teammates who were killed in a bus crash
D. He's trying to win a minor league pitching job with San Diego

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Question 5: On Monday, authorities said they uncovered a plot to behead the NYPD commissioner and bomb police headquarters in an attempt to avenge the fatal shooting of Sean Bell, the young man gunned down by the NYPD on his wedding day. What is the commissioner's name?

A. Raymond Barone
B. Raymond Kelly
C. Rachael Ray
D. Raymond Babbitt

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Question 6: Massive commercial databases of birth, death and census records — not to mention DNA-testing firms — let people research their ancestry for dozens of generations back. Last week, what civil rights activist found out he was descended from slaves who were owned by ancestors of the late South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond, a staunch opponent of desegregation?

A. Jesse Jackson
B. Al Sharpton
C. Elie Wiesel
D. Ralph Nader

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Question 7: On Tuesday, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former aide to Vice President Cheney, was found guilty on counts of perjury, lying to the FBI and obstructing an investigation into the leak of a CIA operative, Valerie Plame, and faces up to 25 years in prison. With a retrial on its way, many speculate that if Libby is found guilty again, President Bush will do what?

A. Resign from office
B. Pardon Libby
C. Shed some tears
D. Co-sign a book deal with Plame

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Question 8: This week, what did Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani — who has been leading the polls ahead of fellow GOP members John McCain and Mitt Romney — came under the spotlight for?

A. His family estrangement
B. His marital history
C. His stand on abortion
D. All of the above

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Question 9: Regarding the paternity battle over Anna Nicole Smith's baby, who is the latest celebrity reportedly throwing his hat into the ring?

A. Acquitted murderer O.J. Simpson
B. Celeb gossiper Perez Hilton
C. Smith's bodyguard "Big Moe"
D. Rapper 50 Cent

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Question 10: If you were at an exclusive VIP party in Japan, how much would it cost you to spend some time with the King of Pop?

A. Free
B. Between $3,000 and $4,000
C. More than $4,000

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BONUS Question: The father of the Florida 9-year-old girl raped and left to die in a dirt hole says he hopes her killer will get the maximum sentence, but stressed that the fight against child sexual predators isn't over. How many states have passed some version of "Jessica's Law" that Jessica's father helped push?

A. 26
B. 50
C. None so far
D. Only Florida, the state where Jessica was killed

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