FOX Facts: Brazil's Ethanol Fuels Energy Independence

Brazil's program to reduce dependence on imported oil has show success:

— In the mid-1980s, imports accounted for more than 70 percent of Brazil's oil and derivatives needs; the net figure now is nearing zero

— Brazil is expected to become a net exporter of oil by the end of 2007

— Brazil is one of the world's leading producers of hydroelectric power

— Of Brazil's total installed electricity-generation capacity of 90,000 megawatts, hydropower accounts for 66,000 megawatts (74 percent)

Ethanol Use, Production

— Brazil is the largest exporter of ethanol in the world, producing 282,000 barrels per day in 2005

— Over half of all cars in Brazil are of the flex-fuel variety, meaning that they can run on 100 percent ethanol or an ethanol-gasoline mixture

— Ethanol in Brazil comes from sugar cane, which prospers in the country's tropical climate

— In recent years, Brazil has sought to increase ethanol exports, especially to the United States.

— In 2005, Brazil exported 7,200 barrels per day of ethanol to the United States

Sources: U.S. departments of State and Energy.