Customer Service Tips

Have you ever gotten the runaround by an automated phone service? It can be really frustrating and time consuming. Well, the people behind want to share some helpful tips when it comes to dealing with customer service hotlines.

Once you've been connected, here are suggestions on how you can skip the recordings and get right to a live operator:

1. Interrupt and press "0" (or 0# or #0 or 0* or *0) repeatedly: By continuing to enter these "invalid entries" some companies answering systems will directly connect you to a human. However some answering systems will just hang up on you.

2. Talk over the recording: Say "agent" or "representative" or even just raise your voice or mumble. Often answering systems will connect you to a human after these "unknown phrases."

3. Just Hold and do not press any buttons: By pretending that you have a rotary phone you will most likely be connected to a human.

4. Account Collections: By asking to be connected to "account collections" or "sales" or "account cancellation" you are more likely to get a human, since these are more specific departments and tend to be less busy. After you get a human in that department they can connect your call to the department you need. Sometimes they will put you ahead of the queue of waiting callers.

5. Toll Call: If the expected wait is way too long, just hang up and try calling back their non-toll free number. Even though you will be paying for the call, less people are willing to do so, and this makes the queue much shorter for this number.

6. Select the "Spanish" option: By selecting this option, you will sometimes get connected to a bilingual human quicker than if you waited for the English-only operator.

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