Around the House: Carpeting Your Home

The Home Depot offers thousands of carpets for you to choose from. With that many options, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

To select the carpet that is right for your home, it's important to understand your options and take the following into consideration:

Quality Indicators

• Carpet Styles

The Home Depot carries seven distinctive styles or textures of carpeting:

Name: Plush/Saxony
Description: Smooth texture, medium durability
Common use: Informal and formal rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms

Bent yarn, medium durability
Hiding footprints and matting, homes with active children or pets

Level loop
Short, dense loops, high durability
Informal rooms, high traffic offices, rec. rooms, halls, stairs

Highly textured, medium durability
Formal and informal rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms

Large loops, high durability
Casual and informal rooms, kids rooms, bedrooms

Visible texture, high durability
Casual and informal rooms, high traffic areas

When selecting a carpet style, keep in mind what area of your home you are placing the carpet. Some styles like a berber, hide traffic exceptionally well and are great for hallways. Other styles like a plush are smoother and more comfortable, which is perfect for a family room or nursery, but may not retain that smooth appearance under heavy traffic.

• Carpet Fiber

When selecting carpeting, you should take notice of the type of Fiber the carpet is constructed with, since each fiber offers its own combination of desirable features.

There are four types of fibers used to make carpet:

Nylon: man-made, most widely used fiber, strong and resilient
Polyester: man-made, resists stains, can hold vibrant color dyes
Polypropylene: man-made, resists stains and fading, weather resistant, can be used indoors or outdoors
Wool: natural fiber, durable and resilient, abrasion and stain resistant

• Carpet Color

Most new carpeting is stain-resistant, which means the yarn is treated as it is color dyed and made into carpeting.

Do you want your carpet to be subtle or bold? If subtlety is key, choose a neutral color, like beige, gray, or another earth tone. If you want your carpet to be the focus of the room, go for a bolder color such as blue, green, or red.

• Carpet Quality Indicators

More than 90% of residential carpeting is made of tufted construction. This means that loops of yarn are woven into a backing material to form a pile. The number of "tufts" in each square inch of carpet establishes carpet density and is an indication of quality.

Before you finalize your carpet selection be sure to check for these "Carpet Quality Indicators":
Appearance: texture contributes to the length of time carpeting will keep its good appearance. Less expensive carpeting may look the same as higher priced versions at first, but may soon begin to show signs of wear and tear
Long life: Density of the pile contributes to the life of the carpeting. Higher density carpeting will last longer.
Stain resistance: Be sure the carpet you choose has been treated for stain resistance
Treatments: Higher quality carpeting will be treated for fading, fiber pulling, and resistance to other abuses so that it will last longer
PAR Number: All Home Depot carpeting has a Performance Appearing Rating (PAR) number assigned to it. The rating is based on results of a walk test in which the appearance of the carpet is checked after it has been walked on 20,000 times (the equivalent of a 5-year period). Each style of carpet is rated from 1 to 5, with 5 reflecting a "like new" appearance.

• Installation

Trust The Home Depot to provide the best products, helpful advice and top-quality installation, on time and on budget.
Our licensed and insured professional will:
Visit your home before the install to verify conditions and confirm measurements
Deliver your new carpet and pad (up to 30 miles from the store)
Install your new carpet and pad, including all metal transitional strips
Clean up and vacuum the area when the installation is complete
Plus, we guarantee our carpet installations for 1 year. Speak with an associate for details.
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Installers are fully licensed where applicable.

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