Success in the War on Terror Is Lost in Blizzard of Bad Headlines

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George W. Bush is losing the War on Terror in Congress, but out in the real world he seems to be doing better.

Today, for instance, an Afghan warlord decided to dump the Taliban and go with Karzai, meaning some progress against the resurgent Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

And today we're reading about a senior Iranian defense official who has evidently defected to our side and is blabbing his head off. This is a guy who practically invented Hezbollah in Lebanon. So he's good for a lot of information about Hezbollah, in terms of what the group is planning, what its capabilities are and what it has been responsible for in the past. That's all good.

But since this particular man — Ali Reza Asgari — was also deputy director of the Iranian Defense Department, he may have a lot of information on Iran's nuke program as well. You might expect he could know, for instance, if the Iranians really are planning to build bombs with their civilian nuclear technology and how far along they are.

Now it's not popular to be reporting this stuff, so I am prepared for the angry e-mail, but it's also true that the surge is working. Proof enough ought to be that even NBC News anchor Brian Williams — on assignment in Baghdad this week — uttered the fateful words this week: The surge is working.

Wow. Coming from the Peacock guys that should mean a lot.

American troops have quieted things down in Al Qaim in Anbar Province where not long ago Al Qaeda ran free. American and Iraqi troops have scared Moqtada al-Sadr out of Iraq, along with his Mahdi Army fighters and Sadr City is no longer a no-go zone.

And yes, the insurgents are fighting back. It's still a war.

So the success, if there is any, is lost in a blizzard of bad headlines about Bush's war and how we have to get out and do it soon.

So what is going to happen if the administration produces new information from the Iranian defector which would lead a reasonable person to conclude that action should be taken against Iran?

Will hatred of the Iraq War and Bush and Cheney personally immobilize this country and prevent us from acting in our own defense even if information on Iranian weapons of mass destruction is gold plated and solid?

Sadly I think so.

The anti war machine now requires dead Americans here at home before we act again.

That's My Word.

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