Student Sex-In-Class Incident Has Parents Outraged

School officials in Warren Township confirmed that students at a middle school had engaged in sexual activities during a shop class, but also angered parents by refusing to explain why the incident, which happened four months ago, was never reported.

A report aired on WTHR-TV detailed how two Raymond Park Middle School students engaged in sexual activity during the class while another student acted as "look-out."

Associate School Superintendent Dr. Jeff Swennson confirmed the teacher was present when the incident happened almost four months ago.

"It just upsets me because it sounds like they're trying to make excuses. It doesn't matter to me how long it was, you know, 30 seconds, 30 minutes; it's too long. I want to know where the teacher was and how this was able to happen," Laura Pliquett told WTHR. She has a 9-year-old possibly headed to Raymond Park.

Troy Weber has a fifth grader and he's also concerned. "How could it have been kept quiet for that long and still to us kind of being swept under the rug?" he asked.

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