Office Fire Sparks Evacuation of NYC Hospital

Fire broke out in a hospital office Wednesday morning, forcing evacuations in parts of the hospital and injuring one person.

The fire was reported around 8 a.m. inside a doctor's seventh-floor office at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Fire Department spokeswoman Emily Rahimi said.

She did not know what caught fire or whether the blaze was confined to that office. One person suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to another hospital for treatment, she said.

Hundred of employees who gathered in the hospital's main glass lobby said the fire was in the hospital's Annenberg wing, which was evacuated. They said the wing houses the school of medicine, laboratories and some patients, who were moved to another building.

Two fire truck ladders leaned against the seventh floor windows of the Annenberg building, and dozens of fire trucks and other firefighting vehicles ringed the hospital.