195 Violent Offenders Rounded Up in Maryland, New Jersey Sweep

The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday announced 195 arrests of violent criminals in Maryland and New Jersey in the largest-of-its-kind operation.

The five-day law enforcement sweep dubbed "Operation FALCON (Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally)-Baltimore" targeted violent offenders and fugitives who had prior arrests or convictions for violent crimes.

The operation included more than 160 law enforcement officers from 28 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and spanned Feb. 26 through March 2. The arrests took place in Baltimore City, Baltimore and Harford counties, Md., and in New Jersey, officials said.

Of the 195 detainees, six were arrested on warrants for murder or attempted murder; 86 were arrested for robbery, assault or other violent crimes; six were arrested for sex offenses; and more than 25 were arrested for narcotics offenses. More than 80 percent were wanted for violent crimes or had prior convictions or arrests for violent crimes.

The arrests enable the closing of more than 323 cases and resulted in 24 gang-related arrests and the arrests of four of Baltimore's Most Wanted fugitives.

"A significant number of dangerous criminals have been removed from the streets of Maryland because of the unified effort by federal, state, and local law enforcement during Operation FALCON-Baltimore," Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher said.

"By targeting violent offenders, we have acted to address both the recent spike in violent crime in Baltimore as well as the perceived growth of gang related offenses in this community," she said. "Operation FALCON-Baltimore was responsible for the arrests of hundreds of offenders including gang members, sex offenders, narcotics traffickers and other violent criminals.

"This represents the latest example of the Attorney General's commitment to combating violent crime in America's major cities," Fisher continued. "But it most certainly is not the last."