Will the Real Hillary Please Speak Up?

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has traveled a long road on her way to running for the Democratic nomination for president.

As a student, she traveled from Illinois to toney Wellesley, Mass.; as a politician's wife, she made the journey to the governor's mansion in Little Rock, Ark., and then on to Washington, D.C. as first lady; and, finally, as a senator, she moved into well-heeled Chappaqua, N.Y..

Wherever she's been, Hillary's made sure her voice is heard.

The question is, which voice is Hillary's? Has she traveled so far that she's suffering from dialect confusion? You decide:

Click here to view and listen to a clip of Hillary talking energy in Johnston, Iowa.

Now, click here to listen to Hillary addressing an audience Sunday at the First Baptist Church in Selma, Ala.