(Still) WANTED: Usama Bin Laden

Remember Usama bin Laden?

The CIA certainly does, as it moves fresh personnel and equipment into Pakistan to aid in the hunt for the Al Qaeda mastermind. A U.S. official denies that the capture has gone cold, and called it a long-term process. The official also said that the whereabouts of bin Laden is researched accordingly, when "actionable" intelligence is obtained.

Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence, testified on the hill that current intelligence has put bin Laden, and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in Pakistan. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"No, he will not be captured using the methods we use now. Carpet bomb the entire mountain range until someone gives him up. Do the same in Iraq. We could have rebuilt this entire country and lost fewer America lives by now, for the money we have spent. Have we not learned anything from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts? War is about winning at all cost. You kill them, and then rebuild their country … at our own pace." — Rick

"At this point, I'd like to think so. But don't we have different fish to fry in the Middle East? Most people dread the confrontations, but it's high time we started holding other nations accountable for their actions. For too long we've been a nation of words and no action. I believe if the military and intelligence agencies are allowed to do what they are designed to do, there is not much we can't accomplish, in terms of military maneuvers and actions of force." — Mark

"They better be careful not to violate his right to cause terror and kill Americans ... or the ACLU will take action!" — Kent

"No, Usama bin Laden will never be captured. He will be offered as a sacrifice when he's on his death bed. They'll probably strap explosives to him, and roll a car into an embassy or hotel somewhere, so he can die a martyr's death. We won't even be able to confirm or deny he's dead." — Donna

"I think that this whole thing is absolutely unbelievable. Maybe George Bush should save the taxpayers some money and send the Bounty Hunter after this guy. He always seems to get his bounty! Look at it this way he can't do any worse than George Bush has done!" — Travis

"It's a joke! Should have had him a LONG time ago! I wouldn't be surprised he already dead!" — Stanga

"It's about time that the CIA has infiltrated Pakistan (presumably with Musharraf's permission) in an attempt to capture or kill bin Laden and other top terrorists. This should have been done in 2002, but better late than never! Since bin Laden has evaded capture for 4.5 years since 9-11, I have no idea whether he will be found soon, but wouldn't the CIA have a better chance if Western media hadn't broadcast the fact that they're in Pakistan?" — Steve (West Hartford, CT)

"I doubt that Bin Laden will be captured any time soon, maybe never, I believe he is in Pakistan and they will hide him and protect him as long as he is there." — Buck

"Sooner rather than later would be nice. However, I don't care how long it takes as long as he is captured, tortured, tortured some more, and then executed." — Russ (Virginia)

"I really do not see him being caught. To many people are willing to help him and we lost sight of him years ago. To much time has gone by for us to locate him now. Bush should have stuck with that plan [finding Usama] and he should have passed on Iraq. " — John (Green Bay WI)

"I believe that if the U.S. goes through with this surge in Iraq, and keeps going on a hard offensive against terrorists, then we will capture him relatively quickly." — Drew (Forest, VA)

"Bin Lauden should be tracked down like the coward swine that he is and killed." — Steve (Fuquay Varina, NC)

"Looking for Usama? This is simply a Republican propaganda move to take some of the heat off Bush. It's kind of like O.J. Simpson searching all the golf courses for his wife's killer!" — Harvey

"For the leader of the group that attacked us on 9/11 to have gone this long without being captured or killed is a national disgrace. For years now, it has been widely believed by people involved in the intelligence community that UBL and other al Qaeda leaders have been in Pakistan, and yet we have not had the resolve to go after him aggressively. We all hope this latest effort is successful but given this administrations record it is hard to be very confident." — Michael

"Give us the name of the genius who said the 'capture' has not gone cold. Almost five and a half years, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent after bin Laden killed thousands of innocents, the capture has yet to occur. The Bush Administration fears being perceived as impotent in Iraq, and wonders aloud how defeat there would impact the U.S.A.'s credibility in the region. Our inability to capture bin Laden is a far more humiliating defeat than our inability to impose a military solution in a civil war." — Robert (Morristown, TN)

"He can't hide forever and I definitely think the CIA will find him in Pakistan and they will have to let us get him. I remember 9/11 and will until the day I die, so will all my children and grandchildren." — Clarence (Kingsland, GA)

"I think our troops will be successful in capturing bin Laden. But I think this effort will be hindered if the press tells the world what the troops are doing in this regard. In this regard I think Bin Laden is much smarter than the U. S." — Al (Valparaiso, IN)

"I don't really care how long it takes to get him; as long as we do get him; and, when we do get him, that he's dead." — Danny (Alabama)

"What do you mean by 'new' search for bin Laden? It makes it sound as if we hadn't been concentrating on finding him due to other preoccupations. Why the hell hasn't there been a 'new' search for bin Laden every single day since 9/11?" — Eric (Raleigh, NC)

"They might have a chance if they could keep operations like this a secret rather than posting everything. I see this all the time. Just like increasing the troops as of late in Iraq, everyone knew they were coming so they just moved out to other areas including Iran and Syria." — Brian (Dansville, NY)

"When did the U.S. stop looking? I've always thought that we were looking, at the same time we were trying to help. Are we looking for bad guys, or just waiting for things to happen? Or, worse yet, waiting for Hillary to ruin all of us." — Connie

"Bin Laden is no longer alive. He hasn't been heard of for ages. His ego is too big for him to let his #2 man speak for him. I truly believe this!!!" — Elissa

"Don't stop until they get him. Hard for me to believe they have given this a maximum effort. Not bringing him to justice is a disgrace for our country and our leaders and makes our country look inept to the world." — Gordon

"It's hard to say if bin Laden will ever be captured. I'm so disappointed that he still hasn't been caught to date. But even if he IS captured, it certainly won't stop terrorism. It will merely make it much worse throughout the world. So, we're damned if we do, damned if we don't." — Catt (Spartanburg, SC)