Prosecution Rests Case Against John Couey in Jessica Lunsford's Killing

Prosecutors rested their case against John Evander Couey, the man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year old Jessica Lunsford.

Jailers and investigators testified Tuesday that he repeatedly volunteered details about murdering the Florida girl.

One guard at the Citrus County jail said Couey told him that he didn't intend to kill Jessica but "panicked." Another guard said Couey told her he got Jessica to climb into the bags by telling her he was taking her back home.

The lead investigator in the case said Couey told him that he hoped to meet the little girl in heaven and apologize.

Defense attorneys plan to call one witness, a psychologist to testify about Couey's mental problems and possible retardation.

The medical examiner who performed Jessica's autopsy said Jessica's injuries indicated she was sexually assaulted and suffocated after she was buried alive.

Jessica disappeared the night of Feb. 23, 2005. Couey is a 48-year-old prior sex offender. He's accused of sneaking into the Lunsford home where he allegedly abducted Jessica, raped her and later killed her by burying her in garbage bags while she was still alive.

Couey has pleaded not guilty. He could get the death penalty if convicted.