Hunt for Usama bin Laden

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It was a fun show today as we opened with hopeful signs for the first time in quite awhile in the hunt for Usama bin Laden.

FOX News has confirmed that the U.S. has moved resources and Special Ops into the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region. Let's hope this gets the terror mastermind… or at least flushes him out in the open. We have been told by experts that UBL listens to BBC.

We also saw some new video from the Helmand Province in Afghanistan where another anti-Taliban operation is beginning to take shape. Also saw night-vision footage of the U.S. taking out Al Qaeda terrorists in the al Anbar Province of Iraq.

Meanwhile, we also covered a lot of ground on the political front: Andrew Giuliani's comments about his dad; Anne Coulter's comments on John Edwards, and Bill Maher on Dick Cheney. Those topics got the e-mail humming and the phone lines ablaze for the entire three hours!

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Page Hopkins did a wonderful job filling in for the great Gretchen Carlson and, in a fun way, we found out waaaay too much about her. Something about our set I guess makes you more comfortable talking about your personal likes/dislikes. Short description: She was a lot of fun and at one point jumped on my lap.

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Thanks for keeping us No. 1! See you Wednesday as we discuss the Libby verdict and more.


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