Police Arrest Husband Accused of Murdering and Dismembering Tara Grant

Police arrested a man Sunday wanted in connection with the dismembering death of his wife as searchers continued the hunt for her remains.

Michigan State Police arrested Stephen Grant early Sunday in Emmet County, Mich., after a statewide manhunt. The county is near the tip of the state's Lower Peninsula, about 225 miles from his home in Washington Township in suburban Detroit.

Grant was upgraded from serious to stable condition at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey, Mich., after being airlifted following his capture to be treated for frostbite and hypothermia. He's expected to make a full recovery with the exception of damage to his feet.

"He has been awake and alert the entire time," said Dr. John Bedner, the hospital's chief of staff.

Police captured Stephen Grant at 6:30 a.m. in a wooded area of Wilderness State Park in Bliss Township, about 3 miles north of where he had abandoned his pickup truck, according to Peter Wallin, the Emmet County sheriff.

Stephen Grant was found hiding under a tree after being tracked overnight by a posse of 40 investigators with dogs, Wallin said.

Though temperatures dipped to the teens, the suspect was dressed in pants and a shirt, wearing only socks on his feet. "Obviously he was not dressed for the conditions," Wallin said.

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But lack of a coat and shoes didn't stop Stephen Grant from eluding authorities, leading them on a chase through the wilderness that began at 8:45 p.m. Saturday.

"Near the end he was moving quite fast through the snow until he was actually apprehended," said Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel at a press conference Sunday morning, noting "his physical condition prevented him from actually getting into any type of confrontation with law enforcement."

Deputies from the Macomb County Sheriff's Office were en route to the hospital to guard him.

Late Saturday, the truck that police believe Grant drove from his home was found near Carp Lake, close to the bridge linking Michigan's Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

Meanwhile, searchers were combing through Stony Creek Metropark on Sunday looking for the remains of Tara Lynn Grant, who was last seen Feb. 9. About 100 law enforcement personnel looked for evidence and additional body parts Saturday at the park near the Grants' home.

Police launched the search Saturday after making a grisly discovery of what they believe to be Tara Lynn Grant's dismembered torso in the garage of the couple's house. An arrest warrant was issued Saturday charging the man with murder, disinterment and mutilation.

"What he had done to her was one of those things that I think people can only imagine by watching a movie or television or actually seeing and reading about in some kind of a novel," Hackel said. "It was very horrific what he did to her, and again, that's why we're so interested in making sure he's held accountable for what took place."

Grant, 37, who had maintained his innocence in his wife's disappearance, fled before police searched his home Friday and Saturday in Washington Township, about 30 miles outside Detroit. Searchers found the torso in the garage and what were thought to be other parts of Tara Grant's body in a nearby park.

The body had not been positively identified as of late Saturday, but the sheriff has said he was certain it was Tara Grant's. An autopsy was scheduled for Sunday.

Griem said Sunday that he was withdrawing his representation of Grant. "If I can't give a client all of my blood, sweat and tears, it's time for that client to find a new attorney and time for me to move on down the road," said Griem, adding that he was both surprised and relieved that Grant hadn't killed himself.

Hackel said Grant apparently fled on his own. "I don't believe he's had any help since Friday night," he said.

Tara Grant last was seen Feb. 9. Stephen Grant reported her missing five days later. The couple has two children, aged 4 and 6.

Police say that on the day she went missing, the Grants argued over her frequent business trips abroad.

"For the most part, exactly why he would do such a horrific thing and how he did such a horrific thing, we don't have the answers to that right now and that's something we're going to continue on with this investigation," Hackel said.

If convicted of open murder, Grant could be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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FOX News' Sara Bonisteel and Jeff Goldblatt and the Associated Press contributed to this report.