Muslim Suspect Committed After Allegedly Driving SUV Into Crowd

A Muslim man accused of plowing his rental car into a group of UNC-Chapel Hill students last year was committed to a mental hospital Monday after a hate-filled courtroom rant.

"What the [expletive] is this [expletive]?" Mohammed Taheri-Azar, 23, asked, before denouncing Americans, Jews and Israel and calling his lawyer a "moron."

The judge removed him from the courtroom and committed him to Dorothea Dix Hospital for mental evaluation.

"I hate all Americans and all Jews, all right," Taheri-Azar said. "Death to Israel."

In January, Taheri-Azar pleaded not guilty to nine counts of attempted murder and nine counts of felonious assault for the March 3, 2006, incident, the Charlotte News and Observer reported. Officials alleged Taheri-Azar drove a rented sport utility vehicle into "The Pit," a popular student gathering spot. Nine were injured.

In letters to the media, Taheri-Azar has explained that he wanted to kill people in retaliation for American treatment of Muslims and U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast, the paper said.

Taheri-Azar was born in Iran but raised in Charlotte, N.C. During his court appearance Monday, he spoke with a Southern drawl.

Click here for the Charlotte News and Observer.'s Sara Bonisteel contributed to this report.