Edwards: "But Names Will Never Hurt Me"

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

This seems to be the adage for Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, as he remains tight-lipped about his opinion of conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

In a speech delivered on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, Coulter said, "I was going to have few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot.'"

Coulter said the comment was made in jest; Edwards responded that he thinks it's important to not reward hateful, selfish, childish behavior with attention. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

“Ann was being funny. Let the chips fall where they may. That way, the truth comes out about the candidates.” — V. Howard

“Ann, like many others, did go over the top. Naming calling is out of bounds, for anyone. Naming calling is a sure sign of some important personal attributes that are lacking. If you cannot find the right words to describe someone, you should not say anything at all. Although, I'm no fan of Mr. Edwards, I believe he did the right thing. I wish I could say the same for Ann.” — Neal (Philadelphia, PA)

“Each Ann Coulter appearance, and each of her books is more hilarious than the previous. Concurrently, the response from the left becomes more intense.” — Carl (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Of course name calling is totally out of control, but it's used extensively by both the Democrats and Republicans. Don't look for name calling to go away any time soon, as this is a tool to 'label' an individual, if nothing else.” — Ed (Clarksville, TN)

“I don't think Ann Coulter has said anything so harmful, that Howard Dean and some of the other Dems haven't said against Republicans.” — Lucas

“How come Bill Maher can get by with saying that the world would be a better place if the terrorists had succeeded in assassinating Vice President Cheney, and yet they make such a big deal about what Ann Coulter said? Granted she shouldn't have said it, but why isn't there an equal amount of outrage by the media?” — Randy (Denver, CO)

“I am sick and tired of liberals being able to get away with comments such as those that Ann Coulter made. It is about time conservatives say things that are not politically correct. Political correctness is costing us to lose the war in Iraq. We are too afraid of left wing news media.” — Chuck (Rio Vista, CA)

“When I was a kid, there was a saying that went, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.' I guess that has now become another politically incorrect phrase. It seems so many are wearing their very sensitive feeling on their shoulders, daring those on the right to knock them off while those on the left can pretty much say what they want and it is always just a simple misunderstanding! GIVE ME A BREAK!” — Barry (Eclectic,AL)

“A joke about someone being gay, knowing that the person is married, holds no where near the seriousness of the liberal left wishing death upon our country's elected leaders. Liberal double standards at work again.” — Ern (Kansas)

“Just a question, but why is it when the conservatives spout off, we get crucified, and when the liberals do it, it goes unnoticed?” — Robin

“This country is all about freedom, including the freedom to speak your mind. One would hope that people in the position to be quoted by the media would possess the intelligence and humility to choose their words appropriately.” — Dennis (Plainville, CT)

“All I can say about Ann Coulter is that if she keeps this up she will soon be as insignificant as John Edwards.” — Dean (Cedar Rapids, IA)

“More disturbing than Coulter's slander was the rousing applause she received from a room full of self-described Christian conservatives.” — Michael

“Ann Coulter's comment about former Senator Edwards is slanderous. She intentionally and falsely accused him of being a homosexual.” — Murry

“There is, after all, freedom of speech in the country. And, Edwards is a public figure. Had the far left done such a thing, there would have been no comments made by media types.” — Mick (Tarpon Springs, FL)

“Why is the media ignoring the story about Bill Maher's recent comments about wishing Dick Cheney dead? Any difference in tone? ” — James

“Of course it has gone too far. But then, everybody is doing it in some form or other, some more subtle than others. No one ever accused Ann of being subtle. If it wasn't for character assassination and mud slinging, there wouldn't be much to today's campaigns, as obviously no one wants to talk seriously about the issues.” — Philip

“Anyone who follows Ann Coulter knows she makes jokes like that all the time. It was in poor taste, probably, but very normal for her.” — Jill (Chicago, IL)

“The name calling has gone way overboard but I think Ms. Coulter's comments serve to only detract from the message she is wanting to get out. Ms. Coulter only keeps herself from being taken more seriously by a wider group within her audience by her outlandish remarks. Mr. Maher on the other hand is suggesting that harm to a publicly elected official would be beneficial and comes very close to calling for that to occur. If that is true and he is suggesting that the harming of the Vice President of the United States is a desirable action then he has crossed the threshold from speech into criminal.” — Daryl

“I think politics has gone to far, or rather we have allowed politics to go to far” — Mark

“It was a classless act for Ann Coulter to make those statements. It does not matter that it is being done on the left as well. It shows Ignorance and arrogance and why would she stoop to that level. ” — Susan (Simi Valley, CA)

“Political name calling is old hat. They just need to get more creative. What Ann Coulter said was not that funny in itself, but having to go to rehab for saying 'the word' was extremely funny. Our society has found more things to go to rehab for. I'm thinking of not doing my job so the company will send me to camp (rehab).” — Richard

“Ann Coulter did not call anyone any names. She simply stated what is now a fact of life in our overly politically correct society: if you say certain words, then you need to go into 'rehab.'” — Robert

“Of course it has gone too far. Wasn't that her point? Look at the reaction in the msm to Coulter and their non-reaction to leftwing name calling. The question should be more appropriately, 'Why can't the left ever discuss things intellectually?'” — Dennis (Fort Atkinson, WI)

“We were too quick to condemn Ms. Coulter. Conservatives all too often get apologetic and forced to defend themselves while liberals consistently run wild with much less offensive comments.” — Sig

“Ann Coulter and Bill Maher should be censored and should publicly apologize to V.P. Cheney and Sen. Edwards. The networks need to take action when these people 'cross the line' with their comments and be made to apologize, as Rosie O'Donnell had to with her remarks about Donald Trump.” — Beverly

“Ann's remarks were directed at the current fad of entering 'rehab' to excuse poor judgment and ill mannered behavior. She was making a good point, and laughing at silliness is harmless.” —

“Ann's attempt at being funny was over the top — probably she should follow John Kerry's example and not run for president!” — Dean (Ann Arbor, MI)

"I used to think that Ann Coulter was on her way to becoming a brilliant political satirist and commentator. Now I think she has become a parody of herself and is just nasty." — Jim (Boston, MA)

"Yes, name calling has definitely gone too far. Ann Coulter should have used more socially acceptable words like 'Gay' or 'Homosexual.'" — Jim (San Francisco, CA)

"Ms. Coulter seems to have a limited vocabulary as well as limited intelligence." — Paul

" Ann made a mistake here and she should apologize for that. I know that others have called her worse, but she needs to take the high road." — Gregory

"Coulter just wants to attract attention to herself so she can sell more books. When will conservatives realize that she's just using their cause for her own selfish ends?" — Steve (Houston, TX)

"Ann Coulter has gone too far and this isn't the first incident either. PLEASE shut up Ann and stop making conservatives look ignorant." — Leslie (Baton Ridge, LA)

"Ann did not get out of line, especially considering all the really mean and vicious things said by the left toward Bush, Cheney, Republicans, and Conservatives in general. If you can't take it, don't dish it out. " — Marian

"Finally, She shows her true colors, PREJUDICE! Now I know she is not just prejudice against homosexuals, the way she has pounded immigration, she is prejudice against Hispanics, and anybody that disagrees with her." — Manuel

"However, the Dems seem to be governed by a different set of rules. It's OK for them to call the president everything in the book, but far be it to say anything back." — David

"Ann tends to go over the top with her comments. I love her insights, but her choice of words go over the edge which always gets her in trouble. Then people turn her off and attack her instead of discussing the issue." — Elaine (York, PA)

"I just think this was one the dumbest things Ann Coulter could do. Not only was it wrong, but also invigorated and added oxygen to Edwards' failing campaign." — Jack (Jacksonville, FL)

"Ann probably should not have put it that way, but based on what I hear from most of the Libs, this is pretty tame stuff. I wonder why Mahr's comments about the V.P. is not front page news?" — JB

"It s all absolutely ridiculous! A leftist can say he wished Cheney had been killed in a suicide attack because fewer people in the world will die, and there's no outrage. But the same left pushes the outrage button at the mildest jokes of the right. Their huffing and puffing is total hypocrisy!" — Constance

"Ann Coulter will say anything to sell her books, and the more outrageous she is , the more books she'll sell. The only thing she cares about, or so it appears, is trying to look like a teenager with her long blonde hair. Now that's outrageous!" — JC (Warner Robins, GA)

"Ann was wrong, but she is a comedian. The press and everyone else gives the Libs a pass on anything they say about a Republican." — Ruth (Texas)

"I would be really ticked off if Ann Coulter called me a faggot and especially if she did it in front of the public. She lost my respect for her that is for sure. She needs to give a full public verbal and written apology to Edward's. This was totally uncalled for and she needs to be remorseful." — Allen (Wisconsin)

"I don't condone calling anyone a faggot. But I also don't condone calling President Bush a liar and a terrorist, which Cindy Sheehan did. Where is the media outcry there?" — Lorei

"Regarding Ann Coulter — I consider myself a conservative Christian and used to like Ann Coulter and admire her wit and sarcasm and courage to speak out on issues, but she has gone too far in the past few months with her hateful words. It's time to clean up her act." — Joan (Kissee Mills, MI)

"Ann Coulter is not running for any office. She can say anything she wants. Other political pundits say things far worse, and never get reprimanded." — John