Timeline: Chronology of Tara Grant's Disappearance

A chronology of the disappearance of Tara Lynn Grant of Washington Township, Mich.:

Feb. 9, 2007Tara Lynn Grant, 34, returns from a business trip to Puerto Rico and argues with her husband Stephen, 37, at their home in Macomb County's Washington Township. Stephen Grant says he saw his wife getting into a car at the end of their driveway.

Feb. 14, 2007Stephen Grant notifies the Macomb County Sheriff's Department that his wife is missing. He says later that he waited to tell police because she might have been "blowing off steam" after the argument and before returning home.

Feb. 15, 2007 — Grant is pulled over for a traffic infraction and, according to his attorney David Griem, is held for six hours.

Feb. 20, 2007 — A woman identifying herself as Grant's ex-girlfriend gives police a series of e-mails indicating that Grant suspected his wife was having an affair and he installed a device on their home computer to track with whom she was corresponding. The ex-girlfriend tells The Detroit News that Grant began calling and e-mailing her more regularly a few weeks earlier.

Feb. 24, 2007 — Police conduct a 4 1/2-hour search of Stony Creek Metropark and surrounding wooded areas near the Grants' home. Tara Grant was known to jog in the area. The search yields no clues.

March 2, 2007 — A magistrate authorizes a search warrant allowing sheriff's investigators to search the Grants' home and a Mount Clemens business where Stephen Grant worked. Stephen Grant allows deputies inside the house, then leaves with his sister, according to Griem.

March 3, 2007 — Investigators find what is believed to be the torso of Tara Grant in the garage of her home. Stephen Grant is identified by Sheriff William Hackel as the only suspect in her death.