Gunmen Dognap L.A. Family's 5 Puppies

Two men forced their way into a family's home at gunpoint and stole five dogs, including four purebred Yorkshire terrier puppies advertised for sale in a newspaper, police said Thursday.

A security camera caught the men, who posed as prospective buyers, arriving at the home in the city's Koreatown section around 10 p.m. Friday, police said. When a woman opened the door, one of the men pulled a gun and the two entered the home.

The suspects ordered the family to lie on the floor and placed the puppies and the family's grown Yorkshire terrier, Tan-ja, in a bag, police said. The men then fled in a silver car.

No one was injured during the robbery.

"It appears the suspects answered the ad, knowing the value of the puppies," police Lt. Paul Vernon said.

The puppies were valued at $2,500 each. Police said the victims were most concerned about the loss of the grown terrier, the family's pet for more than three years.

"This robbery is a good lesson to residents that soliciting buyers to one's home can be a risky practice," Vernon said.