Kent State Professor Gets Threats After Being Linked to Extremist Islamic Web Site

An Ohio history professor who wrote a controversial article about a homicide bomber in 2003 has received threats after a blog linked him to an extremist Islamic Web site.

A column written by Mike Adams posted on linked Julio Pino, a Kent State University associate professor of history, to the Jihadist blog.

"We will write 'Jihad' across our foreheads, and the stars," the Web site says. "The angels will carry our message throughout the world."

Kent State on Thursday distanced itself from the blog.

"We have no evidence that this Web site is authored by Pino – that is not his picture on the site, and it contains no reference to him or to Kent State. In any case, there is no connection between this site and the university," reads a statement issued by Kent State.

When FOX News called Pino, he refused to confirm or deny that the Web site was his. He also refused to condemn the encouragement of holy war on the site, saying he would not comment on his political views.

But in an interview with FOX News on Thursday, Adams said if Pino really has no affiliation with the blog, he would just come out and say it.

"The suggestion is of course that he has put up another picture there," Adams said. "Basically a person is not going to go on a Web site and put their picture and do it for a long time. He has been under suspicion and he’s been under focus now for several years."

Kent State said there have been no complaints registered about Pino’s classroom "conduct or demeanor, by students or other instructors."

Pino, a Cuban-born Muslim convert, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he was aware of the Web site and that its comments, articles and information were compiled from many sources. He had no further comment.

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"It would be a very simple matter to come forth and deny it, he can't do that because the accusations are true," Adams told FOX News. "He should be arrested and investigated and then we should determine if there is enough evidence to move forward with the trial."

The university received a flurry of hate mail and threats since the blog posting, which was subsequently linked to the

"We do not speak for Pino nor defend any views he might have, and he does not speak for Kent State, his department or other faculty," Ron Kirksey, a university spokesman, told the Plain Dealer.

In 2003, Pino came under fire for writing a column in the school newspaper about the motives of a young Palestinian homicide bomber.

"It is clearly promoting violence and it goes far beyond free speech into the realm of treason," Adams said.