New York Restaurant to Remove Same-Sex Marriage Photo Exhibit

A traveling exhibit of photographs meant to galvanize support for same-sex marriage seems to have come to a sudden stop at one Westchester County restaurant after its corporate office got word of it.

Since the exhibit of the photographs, including of gay and lesbian couples, opened at the Cosi Restaurant in New Rochelle on Monday, the eatery has received several complaints.

Brien Gately, a spokesman for the Cosi chain of restaurants, said the decision to remove the photographs came about because the display had not gone through the company's proper procedures for approving artwork.

"The comments we received were not the basis for the removal of the display," Gately told the Journal News.

The Empire State Pride Agenda, an advocacy organization, was not convinced that the removal had nothing to do with the complaints. Josh Meltzer, a spokesman for the organization, said taking down the photographs was a "knee-jerk" corporate response. The group said Tuesday they would rally in protest of the decision.

Advocates have been pushing for legalizing same-sex marriage and have used the traveling exhibit to get state politicians' attention.

The New Rochelle restaurant referred calls about the situation to its corporate headquarters.