Miracle U.K. Baby Comes Back From the Dead

A 2-week-old baby written off for dead miraculously returned from the brink of death upon reaching his father's arms at a Leeds hospital, according to published report.

Woody Lander's lifeless body was passed along to father Jon, 34, after doctors failed to resuscitate him after 30 minutes of heart massaging. Upon removing a tube from his mouth, baby Woody began coughing and showing movement, according to the Daily Mail.

"They took him straight back off us. They managed to get his heart going again and he came back to life in front of us," said Lander. "It was amazing. We still don't know how he managed to come round — we just know he's a little miracle. He's growing up into a happy and healthy little boy."

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Woody received emergency medical attention after suffering a massive heart attack and loss of breath. After being revived, physicians performed a major operation on Woody to repair a blocked aorta. He suffered no permanent brain damage despite being deprived of oxygen. He was allowed home three weeks later.

Jon and Karen Lander, 32, said Woody, now 14 months old, has been living a healthy, normal life.