Battle of the Bulge

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

We decided today that "Hump Day" was easier to spell than Wednesday… and by the way we’re more than halfway through the week! That’s good news right?

We need some good news today — with the Dow tumbling on Tuesday, on average, each of us invested in the stock market lost about $4200 – only on paper though. Investors will be looking for an upward swing today.

We continue to try and help the hiccup girl in Florida. Jennifer Mee is on Day 37 of her chronic hiccups. She isn’t resorting to surgery yet, but is in more and more pain. The only time the hiccups stop is when she gets into a deep sleep. We’re hoping to connect her with specialists to stop the problem!

Finally, what do you think about obese kids? If their parents can’t help them, should they be taken away to foster care? A kid in England will now be allowed to stay with his mom. He weighs 218 pounds and he’s only 9 years old. And now Prince Charles says it might be McDonalds' fault! We’ll continue to follow this one as well.

We hope you have a great day and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow for another edition of "FOX & Friends."


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