Tips to Reclaim Your Bed and Keep Your Relationship Alive

When bedtime rolls around, sometimes it’s just easier to let the kids sleep in bed with you, but getting them to go back into their own bed is easier said than done.

Jessica Hartshorn, senior Lifestyle editor of American Baby Magazine, gave us some tips on how we can reclaim our beds from our kids:

1. Start a 30-40 minute bedtime routine and keep it consistent

Give the kids a bath, have them brush their teeth, pick out and put on their PJs, read them a book or two (in their own bed), then it's light’s out. Keep it the same every night. When they beg for another book, snack or ask to move into your bed, be firm and reply, "No. It's time for bed." Using repetition in your children’s bedtime routine will soon become a cue for sleep.

2. Make you kids' beds appealing to them

Get fun sheets with their favorite character on them, a cool nightlight and lots of stuffed animals for them to cuddle. You want your child to like their bed more than they like your bed!

3. Reassure them that you're still available

Some parents make rules such as, "You can come cuddle with us once the sun is up." And while you are introducing the new bedtime routine, you might want to sit with your child until they fall asleep, but as time goes on, and the routine becomes more familiar, try to sneak out earlier and earlier, until they are falling asleep on their own.

4. Play to their vanity

Remember to praise your kids for their success. If they make it through an entire night without creeping into your bed, make a big deal about their achievement. To help them make it through the night in their own room, reassure them that they can do it by saying something like, "You’re a big girl, and you've got your teddy bear with you, so I know you will be OK." If they do wander into your room in the middle of the night, take them back to their own bed, reassuring them that they can handle it.

5. *** If necessary *** Resort to bribery

If all else fails, a little bribery is OK. Promise small treats for a successful night. Pancakes for breakfast if they don’t call for you in the night, or a candy bar if they go an entire night without leaving their bed. Telling your child, "I'm proud of you!" is always the biggest reward a kid can get from their parent, so remember to tell them each time they have a successful night!

And once you've reclaimed your bedroom, you're ready for...

Four Easy Ways to Make Your Relationship Last

Relationships are wonderful, but it takes constant effort from each partner to keep the love alive for the long-run.

Today, Dr. Laura Berman shared 4 simple things we can do to help make our relationships last:

1. Give your partner a 10-second kiss every day

10 seconds may seem like a long time, but once you try it, you'll notice how rare and exciting the sense of connection you feel is.

2. Remember the quality time

Spend at least one hour each week doing something alone with each other. Don't talk about the kids or doing household chores -- this time should be just the two of you enjoying each other's company.

3. Make a "sex date" every week

There's nothing wrong with preplanned sex, especially with busy lives. Arranging sex prevents an important part of your connection from slipping through the cracks of daily life. You and your partner should agree on a day, and keep it the same day every week. This way you both have something to look forward to.

4. Get physical, but without the expectation of sex

Set aside 30 minutes a week for you and your partner to reconnect physically. Take a walk while holding hands, do something athletic, or even just lie there and cuddle — it's your 30 minutes to be together and turn off the world.

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