Questions Remain Months After Florida Man Bitten in Buttocks by Gator

Months after a Florida man was bitten in the buttocks by an alligator, questions remain as to what exactly happened.

Officials are certain that a 12-foot-2, 450-pound alligator bit Adrian Apgar the morning of Nov. 29 in Lakeland, Fla., but they're unclear on the details of the attack, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released a 26-page report Monday that detailed the alligator attack. Rescue workers found Apgar among the weeds of Lake Parker, still in the jaws of the massive gator.

"I was chillin' out and I woke up with the gator pulling me into the water," the report quoted Apgar as saying to a paramedic on the scene. "Get me away from the water."

Authorities believe that Apgar may have been asleep or smoking crack cocaine before the attack — a claim he'd told investigators and later rescinded.

Apgar's left arm was amputated following the attack and he is missing a large portion of his left buttock, according to the paper. He remains hospitalized.

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