James Cameron Finds Jesus?

A new documentary is stirring up the next Da Vinci Code controversy — that 10 ancient ossuaries, caskets used to store bones, may include that of Jesus and his family.

According to a press release issued by the Discovery Channel, the documentary, "The Last Tomb Of Christ," produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron, discovered the tomb in a suburb of Jerusalem in 1980.

One of the caskets bears the title, "Judah, son of Jesus," suggesting that the Christian savior may have had a son; this contradicts the beliefs that Jesus was resurrected and ascended into heaven, and that he did not have a family. READ MORE

In 1996, the BBC aired a short documentary on the same subject and archeologists challenged the claims, saying that the idea fails to hold by by archaeological standards, but makes for profitable television.

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"An ossuary with a skeleton and a name (in which the name itself is in question) are far from proof that Jesus had a son. I highly suggest that those who really want to explore this issue with intelligence and a truly open mind read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, who called himself, 'the most reluctant convert in all of England.' The former atheist and scholar set out to debunk the resurrection and was brought to the inescapable conclusion through logic and evidence that the resurrection was a fact." — Rachel

"Christ told his followers that they would be hated by the world. Hollywood's continued unprovoked attacks against Christianity are no surprise to those of us who believe, since Christ himself told us it would happen. This is why you don't see us rioting in the streets every time our faith is attacked." — Danny (Midland, TX)

"In the last several years, Christianity-bashing has become not only common, but very popular. It's an easy, sure-fire way to make money because anytime you ridicule the beliefs of millions of people, it's an instant firestorm and generates enormous publicity." — Andy

"There are too many historical accounts and testimonies of what Jesus Christ did for all he encountered while here on Earth. He fed the multitudes, healed the sick and gave sight to the blind. These were not tasks completed by any earthly power, but that of God. He then sacrificed himself unselfishly so that we may spend eternity in heaven." — KW

"Cameron is simply another prophet of the secular progressive movement in the country. He'll make a buck or two off of this debacle, but his primary motive is to undermine Christianity. People like Cameron and members/devotees of the ACLU have determined that Christianity is a profanity." — Mike (Rockville, MD)

"Not finding the word 'Judah' on an old Jewish casket, coffin, or place of rest is like going to Arlington cemetery and expecting not to find 'U.S. Navy', etc on a military headstone." — Ryan

"On one hand I think it is probably impossible to determine that the caskets are, in fact, those of Jesus and his family. On the other hand, I think it is irresponsible for Christians to automatically reject the possibility. There were considerable writings omitted from the New Testament." — Sharon

"They have to continue to do their research because their answer is wrong." — Louise

"Cameron claims to have found a 'family burial site' for Jesus and his 'family?' I believe the Bible says that Jesus had no burial place of his own, and that some other person provided his own burial place for Jesus to be buried in. I guess nobody reads the Bible anymore. How unfortunate that is." — Barbara

"It is hard for Christians to prove to non-Christians that Jesus Christ was in fact the son of God. What is more unbelievable to some is the fact that, although this cannot be proved, Christians still put their faith and hope in Jesus of Nazareth as being the true and living son of God." — Brad

"James Cameron is the new P.T Barnum , he shovels it and the people buy it. He is a joke. He took the Titanic to the murky depths of fiction and now he is set his sights on Christ." — Shelly (Boise, ID)

"To say that the bones of Christ have been found rips at the very foundation of Christianity. The Bible plainly states that Christ and his body rose to heaven after his resurrection." — David

"Either you accept that the Bible is the inherent word of God, or you don't. Jesus was either the only begotten son of God, or the greatest liar known to humankind." — Elsie

"Why should we believe a film maker over experts and the eyewitness claims of the actual biblical writers? The whole debatable suggestion of what names are presented on the caskets will never shake true belief and historical facts." — Lisa (Seattle, WA)

"Is it possible he found Jesus … yes quite probably. Is it possible he found Jesus, the son of God, spoken of in the Bible? Not even close! Mr. Cameron, go find the Titanic … oh that's right you have already done that. Let's see, Big Foot, Loch Ness, give those a try." — Andy (Midland, TX)

"Cameron is just trying to get his film publicized. Read the Bible if you want the truth, not a documentary from Hollywood." — KBR

"Good movie director, but I think he's lost his mind." — Mike

"I'm open to new information that can be understood about Jesus' life. I think it's very possible that Jesus was married and had a child. Whether or not he did doesn't shake my faith and belief in God. I have no problem with the possibility that Jesus had a wife and child." — Jodie

"Yes, I think it is possible that Cameron discovered what many of us already knew - Jesus was just a man and not a God. Now we will get to see the power of the Christian Church as it does everything possible to reinforce faith and deny any thread of the real truth uncovered by science. This may not be the actual remains of Jesus, his wife or his child, but it won't matter. Now the battle, the toughest battle to date, begins between science and faith." — Guy (Melbourne, FL)

"I'm a Christian and I really hope it is true, because I'd like to learn as much about Jesus as possible. I don't know why it would bother any Christian to discover that Jesus had a body that was human and had a family just like most of us do. To know that Jesus has descendants that walk among us should fill us with happiness, and we should be honored to be the first generation of Christians to be able to give his remains the proper respect. If this discovery passes the scientific tests it should fill us with joy, not with anger, fear or denial." — Mike (Danbury, CT)

"Boy oh boy, Fox News, your channel is an outrage to report on this!"— Scott (Alabama)

"This really pushed my buttons so I wrote the Discovery Channel and told them to take a hike. This is an insult to what I am and what my family has been for generations. I swear that going forward I will never watch one of James Camerons movies." — Augustine

"Yes! Let the truth finally be known." — Julian

"Could it be his bones? I would say so. Could Jesus' body been moved after his death? Very possible. Could Cameron be right? Very likely. Will it antagonize Conservatives. You bet!" — Rick (Billings, MT)

"There is no documented proof in the scriptures that indicates God intended for Jesus body to remain on earth. There is also no proof that Jesus was married or had a child. I am not a theologian, but a simple Christian." — Diane

“It’s easy and maybe even fashionable to bash Christian beliefs. I wonder what would happen if James Cameron did a documentary that wasn’t flattering of Islam or Muhammad?” — Dan

“I think that it is detestable that authors and producers will write or assert anything that they want just to make a buck. I doubt very much that thousands of years of Biblical truth are going to be turned upside down by a producer, whose only interest is in turning a profit.” — Chris & Nicole

“I believe that James Cameron is trying to make money, since he saw that The Da Vinci Code made millions. He is just trying to capitalize on this.” — Anne (Sedgwick, CA)

“This assumption is absolutely preposterous. This story could be debunked in so many ways it is ridiculous. For one thing the name Jesus was a very common name in the first century.” — John

“Many artifacts have been discovered by people with little or know archeological experience — Dead Sea Scrolls for example. I believe if there is any evidence that supports James Cameron’s finding, it should be told. After all, regardless of the subject matter, aren't we are all searching for the truth to something? If this re-writes the history books, so be it. If not, it will go down as another fraud.” — Gregg (Denver)

“No, this claim is not possible. I am a Christian and I know that my savior Jesus Christ lives. He died on a cross, was buried in a tomb and rose again on the third day. When he rose again, there was nothing left in the tomb. He now sits at the right hand of God our father in heaven and is returning soon to take those who believe in him and live for him, back to heaven. How do I know this? Because he said he is returning soon. The Bible says so.” — Paul

“I suppose if an archeologist in the 40th century finds a couple of graves marked ‘George’ and ‘Martha’ in close proximity, he'll try to make a buck off it by promoting it as the final resting place of the first U.S. president and first lady too. What a joke.” — Mark (Mesa, AZ)

“I would say the story isn't even 1 percent accurate. Either the evidence of Jesus death, burial and resurrection is 100 percent true, or it is 100 percent false. The Christian faith is based upon the absolute authority in what the Bible says is true and accurate (in its original languages.) ” — Micahel

“I'm just so angry that Cameron and Discovery would pick our holiest season (Lent) to reveal this story. This is just another attack on Christianity. I just pray that Christians don't let this shake their faith.” — Rich

“NO — Christ bodily resurrected into Heaven. Over 500 witnesses watched this. Many try to discount this fact since we were not there, but this does not make it untrue. I would say 500 witness is enough to say it was true!.” — Deb

“This is another attempt by Satan to discredit Christ before his triumphant return. He is trying to gather as many non-believers as he can.” — Dan

“I am curious how he claims he has comparable DNA to confirm his findings.” — Cheryl (Ringwood, NJ)

“Time for Hollywood to find a real archeologist and have a history lesson — Jesus was a common name at the time. To find a tomb with the name Jesus is not a surprise.” — Brian (Michigan)

“Whose DNA are they comparing, and where are Jesus’ living descendants to provide the DNA? Someone owes the a lot of residuals for the documentary's advertising.” — Walter

“I believe James Cameron is seeking more money. If he was a Christian he would believe that Jesus rose from the dead (with his whole body), as stated in scripture. His body was not of this world so how can someone say they have found the bones of Jesus, the son of God?” — Alex

"Typical ... a has-been director trying to get his name out there again. What do facts mean in a documentary anymore? The history channel and all the rest don’t know the meaning of ‘fact’ anymore. Speculation and junk is what makes for television programming that sells. And we know what Hollywood thinks of Christianity. ” — Joy (Sacramento)

“This is just another ploy to undermine or to bring doubt to the Christian faith.” — Janie

“If some ancient form of graffiti is Mr. Cameron’s only basis for such outlandish claims, then this archeological find leaves much to the imagination. My question would be ‘since when did we begin promoting biographical directors to historians anyway?’” — Patrick

“This claim is nothing new about Jesus. Unbelievers have been trying to debunk the resurrection since it happened 2,000 years ago. There are many infallible proofs that Jesus rose from the dead. He was seen by several hundred people at once and then seen and interacted with his disciples many times before his ascension. Since his resurrection people have lived and died trying to disprove the resurrection, yet Christ and the church live on.” — Pastor Poe

“My immediate thoughts are that Mr Cameron is just trying to make a few bucks and attack Christianity at the same time. He sounds like a lost soul.” — Theresa (Maryland)

“Reported in England over a decade ago. studied by scores of scientists, archeologists, historians … .and it takes James Cameron, a Hollywood movie director, to tell us the ‘truth.’” — Glenn (Baltimore, MD)

“The names Jesus/Mary/Miriam/Judah were all very common names in the day of Jesus the Christ. So do I believe Cameron … NO!” — Pat (Mulberry, FL)

“Jesus’ tomb has been empty since he rose and went back to heaven, and he did not leave his bones! I briefly heard talk about this and DNA issues and I don’t see how they can have any DNA proof, since Jesus never gave any DNA to anyone, and they have nothing to compare anything to!” — Laura