Troop Shout Outs!

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"Not only do I have the highest degree of respect and appreciation for our troops at home and abroad, I will be joining their ranks in 18 days in the U.S. Navy … and I can't wait!" — Tolk (Amarillo, TX)

"God bless the American soldiers who are bravely serving our country! The American people are with you and support you the whole way! Get the job done and stay safe! — Paul (Deland, FL)

"Ladies and gentlemen who are serving and protecting our country, you are in our thoughts and prayers. As one who served during Vietnam, I know what it is to have an ungrateful left that does not appreciate your sacrifice. Keep up the good work you are doing. We are a safer country because of your efforts." — Mike (Fairport, NY)

"Please let our troops know that I support their efforts 100 percent. Because of them we're allowed to enjoy our freedoms today. The majority of America supports them and they need to realize that the liberal media is a minority in their villianization of the troops." — Roger

"I just want to say thanks to our service men and women. I believe the work you do over there is keeping us safe over here. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!" — Rick

"I just admire the way our military is hanging in there, despite the efforts of some, if not more of our elected federal officials. I believe i am speaking for the majority of the American people … despite what the media reports." — Johnny

"Our family is 100 percent behind our troops and we thank President Bush for his efforts to keep us safe." — Al & Kay (Redington Beach, FL)

"Boy Scout Troop 222 of Waterford, Ohio wants to thank all of our military personnel overseas for keeping America free! We are proud of you!" — Scoutmaster Daryl, Vietnam Vet.

"As a retired G.I., I understand a little of what you're going through. I have never met an American that is not behind what you're doing for us. I wish I could say the same for some of the politicians in D.C. May God continue to bless each and every one of you." — Tom (Katy, TX)

"I always pray for the safety of our brave young men and women of the military. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifices they and their families make to defend and protect our country from terrorism. I applaud them for responding to the call for duty by our president and commander in chief, President Bush. They are, indeed, worth their weight in gold when it comes to patriotism and service to this great country of ours." — Jade (Arizona)

"My heart is with each and every one of you. No matter what the news media is spitting out, know that you are supported and I am so thankful for all your sacrifices (both you and your family.)" — Barbera (Nix-Houston, TX)

"Thank you to the best of our nation. You bravely fight so we may live free. If you are in Iraq, thank you . Many of us appreciate what you are doing there. You are not fighting for a lost cause. God Bless you, I pray for you daily" — Norma

"Everyone has their own ideas as to how and where the war on terror should be fought. Right, wrong or indifferent, the fact is the same. We need to take care of the problems we face as a country. Being a soldier is a tough job. My daughter is returning home from a year in Afghanistan with the 10Th Mt. She is first a soldier, a beautiful young lady, mother and daughter. I am very proud to be her father and proud of her service to this country, as I am for each and everyone serving. I am so glad that there are those with the stomach to face the hardships of war, to still get in there when the going gets really tough and finish the job. Thank you all for being who you are. " — Steve (Ardmore, OK)

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Even during the most difficult times, we appreciate all that you do and all of your sacrifices. God Speed to all of you and be safe. My prayers are with each of you and your families." — Carol (Rock Hill, SC)

"A big thank you to all our men and women who are fighting the war on terror. Coming from a military family we support all that you do every day. My brother, a retired Lt.Colonel in the Marines, fought in both Gulf Wars. We support and pray for every man and women that we WILL defeat terrorism as soon as possible and you all will come home soon. Thank you from our family." — Ron & family

"To all of the military men and women in harms way, THANK YOU. You make me proud to be an AMERICAN. Love you all and pray for you always, until my last breath." — Cooper

"Thank you so much for you dedication and commitment to our nation. Your mission in Iraq and Afghanistan is historical. The 2006 vote was not a mandate for change - it was a wake up call for our nation's leadership, Republican and Democrat. I support our President and you, our troops. I can't say enough about the pride I have in you and your mission. Don't let the political rhetoric distract you. Stay focused and continue to kick butt! " — Stanley

"Believe that most Americans support our armed forces, wherever they are, all over the world! They are protecting us so we can stay in our warm homes. While we are in Iraq, our troops must received the support of the American people!" — Patricia

"Be advised that most Americans are rooting for you and cherish what you do." — E

"I admire the soldiers who fight far away from home for the freedom and safety for the folks in the motherland. You fight, so that maybe one day our children or grandchildren can live in peace. I'm very proud to be an army daughter and wife — may God bless the troops and our country." — Josie

"To our troops: My son-in-law is getting ready for his deployment to Iraq, as my father served, and all our veterans - Thank You! I support our troops — my heart stays with them — fly your flag everyday!" — Lue

"God bless the American soldiers who are bravely serving our country! The American people are with you and support you the whole way! Get the job done, stay safe, and good hunting!" — Paul (Deland, FL)

"To our son and brother, Lance Cpl. Dean Paxton, U.S. Marine Corps, who is currently serving his second tour in Iraq with extension. We are behind you all the way and support you and your fellow Marines on your second tour in Iraq. We plan on celebrating Christmas and all the other big events when you return. The Christmas tree will stay up until you come home. We love and miss you very much." — Mike & Denise (Mom & Dad) Joe & Alex (brothers) (Yorkville, OH)

"To my son, Staff Sgt Benjamin T. McKinney USMC 2nd tour in Kuwait. I support you and all of the Marines." — His Father (Montana)

"I just want to say thanks to our service men and women. I believe the work you do over there is keeping us safe over here. God bless you all!" — Rick

"Thank you to all our troops all over. Thank you for fighting for my freedom. You all are my heroes, don't listen to the ugly news media — but FOX is great. Many prayers" — Anonymous

"Please let our troops know that I support their efforts 100% and their efforts are what allow us our freedoms. The majority of America supports them." — Roger

"I am so proud of our troops, I pray for them daily. I am proud to be an American!" — Greg

"I know you're over there, to do your best, and give everything you have for your country and fellow citizens, now and for the future to come. We appreciate all of you. You are doing an excellent job. Get it done and get home, we all miss and love you, and pray for your safe return every single day." — Kathy (Waukegan, IL)

"We all know (or should know) the sacrifices you and your families are making in your dedicated service to our country. My son was in the Army, but died in an accident before he saw any combat action. Every time I see men and women in uniform, listen to their stories and when I see them wounded or worse, I cry. My son, Dan, was a volunteer, as you all are, and it was his and our proudest moment the day he was sworn in to protect and defend our country. I have adopted all of you serving, as my sons and daughters. God bless you all, stay safe, and THANK YOU for your dedication." — Carol (Poynette, WI)

"I just wanted to send a big shout out to our brave men and women defending our freedom. I want them to know not to be discouraged by the biased media, and that there are far more Americans like myself who appreciate the troops' courage and pray for their safety, and for President Bush, who is desperately trying to keep us all safe. God bless all of you and stay safe. I'm proud to be an American! With much admiration and prayers!" — T.P. (Ohio)

"We love you. Keep up the good work. We are praying for your safe return." — Rita

"I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs and I see the former and current soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, on a daily basis. Many face numerous medical and emotional problems, due to their service for our country. They have earned and deserve our care and respect for their dedication. Please remember to say thank you to any veteran you meet. It is a small price to pay for someone who gave so much for our freedom. " — Chris

"Thank you for your sacrifice. We are praying for your safe return. You are our heroes, and we love each and every one of you! " — Carol (Dallas, Texas)

"To all the soldiers in our armed forces: rest assured that you are cherished by this nation! We await your safe return home! " — Christine

"My husband and I would like to send support to the troops, no matter where they are. There's many that support them, but you only seem to hear about the ones who don't. May you stay safe and return home " — Laura & Bob (Stockbridge, GA)

"I would like to thanks the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for their continued, and personally costly commitment to the security of the United States of America. Regardless of the political sniping and whining that goes on here at home, you brave Americans continue to lay it all on the line for the sake of liberty. Walk tall and come home safe!" — Craig

"From the wife of an retired Navy man - you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and remember that although the media may not give the impression - there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who are behind you and support your efforts. May God bring you home safely to your families." — Janet (Greenwood, SC)

"To all the brave Americans: Never for a moment think we Americans are not appreciative of what you do. We all care, and care deeply about the fine job you are doing. You are the greatest, most modern, and I think most appreciated people there in Iraq. I plan to do all I can to see to it you guys get the best of everything, from food to ammo. To modern up to date equipment. I write my senators and congressman regularly to express my support for you all. Bless you, and keep up the good work for us all." — Darel

"From a former National Guardsman, eight years served, I wish the best for our troops every where. I have a special bond with the clerical part of the military, as I worked as a full time administrative/supply technician at my National Guard Armory, for six years. I say to the troops, don't believe anyone who tells you that America does not care about you." — Rex (Ithaca, MI)

"Troops: Thank you! I know that you would rather be home with your loved ones! Every day, I ask God to spread his big umbrella of grace and love over you, to protect you in every way. GOD BLESS YOU!" — Ginny (St George, UT)

"Just wanted to say 'Thank you' to all of the men and women serving overseas." — Martha

"Thank you so very much for doing your duty for our country! You are all appreciated for your service and sacrifice. You are all in my prayers daily. America is with you." — Peg

"I appreciate all the hard work, sacrifice, and courage you display fighting terrorists throughout the world. Some are not aware of the complexities of your job. On the one hand, you are ambassadors working to instill courage and a desire for freedom in the hearts and minds of people in the country in which you are stationed; and on the other hand, you are warriors, sheepdogs constantly guarding your flock. I admire you and respect you, my friend, for all that you have done and will do in the future. Stay the course, carry your staff high, keep the faith, complete the mission, and return home safely. God Bless America. " — Jerry (Montgomery, Texas)

"To our troops: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We could thank you a million times, and it still would not tell you what is in our hearts! God bless you and keep you safe! Know that if the Army would take chubby 63-year-old grandmothers, I would be there with you! Also know that if the enemy could see a battalion of ticked-off, heavily armed grandmothers surging towards them, the victory would be soon! Well, we're there in spirit -- right beside you!" — Valerie (Delaware, Ohio)

"I know the next two years are going to be a struggle. We pray for you and your families daily. Please know that the media and the Democrats are just mad, because they lost two presidential elections, and now that they have the majority we will see tax sky rocket, intelligent actions non existent, and I will continue to pray for you." — B.L.

"I wanted to tell the troops THANK YOU for preserving our freedom, not only for us but for the world. No other thing you can do in your life is more important. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS and GOD BLESS AMERICA. Let us hope that one day the whole world will know freedom and peace." — Jim (Vero Beach, FL)

"Hey everybody, just wanted you all to that I'm still alive and wanted to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year. It's already the new year in wonderful Balad, Iraq, and at midnight, the Iraqi people in Baghdad shot all up in the air, just like us rednecks do back home. Of course I had to work all night, I worked Christmas and New Year's, but I do know why I'm here, and as long as y'all are all safe, I'm proud to be here, I love you all!" — Eddie Ray