Police: Mother Tortured 10-Year-Old Daughter Over Supposed Sexual Tryst

Two parents are under arrest and state officials removed six children from their home in Fort Myers where authorities say torture and systematic abuse were commonplace.

Charalletta Hernandez is charged with aggravated child abuse. Both parents, Charalletta Hernandez and Manuel Hernandez, are charged with multiple counts of child neglect. The two are being held in the Lee County Jail.

Authorities say the mother singled out her 10-year-old daughter, alleging that the young child was involved in a sexual relationship with an adult male.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office says it doesn't believe there was any sexual activity.

Officials say the girl suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of her mother. Investigators say the mother told the girl that if she wanted to be like a dog then she had to live like one.

The Florida Department of Children and Families removed the children February 8th after a sibling of the tortured child notified neighbors who in turn notified police.

Police say there was no food or drink at the home and that police smelled urine and feces inside the home.