Israeli Forces Break Up Barrier Protest in West Bank

Israeli border police used tear gas and water cannons Friday to break up a protest near the barrier Israel is building in and around the occupied West Bank.

Ten people were reported injured when Israeli forces used force to hold back hundreds of demonstrators who tried to open a section of meshing that serves as a gate through the barrier.

Protesters, including Palestinians, Israeli peace activists and foreigners, have gathered every week for two years in the village of Bilin, near Ramallah, to press Israel to stop building the barrier.

About half of the planned 410-mile barrier has been built since construction began in 2002.

Israel says the network of concrete walls and barbed wire fences is needed to stop suicide bombers from infiltrating its cities.

Palestinians say the project is a land grab designed to undermine the viability of their promised state.

In 2004, the World Court ruled that the construction was illegal because it cut into occupied territory. Israel's Supreme Court rejected that ruling.