"McMissile" Road Rage

Road rage could put you in the big house for two years in Virginia.

In what's being called the "McMissile" case, a mother of three is convicted of "maliciously throwing a missile into a vehicle." The North Carolina native threw a cup of ice into a car that cut her off on Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Jessica Hall, 25, admits that she was angry when she threw the cup, but was shocked with the charge. The jury in Stafford County, Va. recommended a sentence of two years, but the judge has the power to reduce it. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"You have to even ask the question? Of course it was too harsh. First time wife beaters and vehicular manslaughter criminals are not often subjected to a potential five years in prison in Virginia." — Bill

"If she completes her probation without any other violations, she can most likely get the record sealed. That will allow her to apply for jobs without having to list the infraction." — Mitch

"Border guards who do their job go to jail, while drug dealers are encouraged to violate our border. Pregnant mothers whose children are endangered by reckless drivers are convicted of felonies for throwing a cup of ice, while the reckless driver is backed up by the entire criminal justice system. Everything definitely seems in order. " — Neal

"What about the 'missile' a 2000 pound automobile is when it cuts you off?" — Reynold

"I think the conviction was surely too harsh. If her actions were so dangerous that she should get prison time, then someone who is caught driving under the influence should get a minimum of two years in jail. I would think that someone driving under the influence is more dangerous than throwing a cup of ice at someone's vehicle. What about someone driving while talking on their cell phone or someone that is caught driving at excessive speed (over 100). Should they also get a minimum of 2 years in jail?" — Chris

"As a police officer, I had dozens of cases where 'missiles' were thrown at cars but never had a case prosecuted in the courts. In this case, the driver who endangered Mrs. Hall and her children, as well as her pregnant sister and unborn child go free while the real victim is persecuted. In my opinion, had Mrs. Hall not been a military spouse, this would never have gone to court." — Donald

"Jessica Hall had a very human reaction to a very human situation. She was abused by a rude and careless driver. We all react to abuse. Jessica should be lightly fined and released with no further marks on her record. The driver who cut her off, on the other hand, should be at least forced to attend a school of proper driving." — Alan

"And dangerous criminals, murderers even, walk out of our courts free. Something is seriously wrong here." — Danny

"What punishment is the guy who cut off a mother with three children in the car on a busy freeway causing them to swerve off of the road? That is reckless endangerment and reckless driving. I think the wrong person is guilty of a felony. She is just guilty of bad judgment due to anger over somebody doing something stupid that endangered her loved ones. That shouldn't be a felony. Causing a car to swerve off of the road and endangering the lives of two adults and three children in the process? That should at absolute minimum be a reckless driving charge." — Joseph

"The charge is ridiculous. At the most, the woman should have received anger management classes. I won't deny that I never get mad while on the road; on the contrary, I am a madwoman when someone cuts me off, or doesn't use their blinker. The woman threw a cup of ice, but who's to say she knew there was an open window, and wasn't just throwing the cup at the car in a general direction? That may have gotten her a littering charge. Or she could have done exactly what I would have done: blared the horn, then let the car hit her, sue her for negligence and endangering a pregnant woman, all while flicking her off, and screaming obscenities." — Sheena

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous. People get probation for doing much worse things than throwing a cup at someone. The most ridiculous thing was the fact that the couple pressed charges." — Adam

"Never heard of anyone being hurt by shaved ice. People ski in the stuff." — Floy

"This woman knows she went over the edge and I believe is remorseful, and feels that she should pay a consequence, but come on people! The poor woman is probably overly stressed with the responsibilities of being both a mother and father to her children while her husband is serving in Iraq." — Wanda

"The problem is not with the sentencing, the problem is with the prosecutor that chose to file a felony count instead of doing some appropriate plea bargain. Let me get this right, we plea-bargain with murderers and rapists, but don't do so for this woman in her situation? The judge is limited to the facts and the law and usually has sentencing limits. The prosecutor has discretion on what charges to file. Let's put the blame where it belongs. Is this prosecutor up for re-election?" — Jay

"The danger was 'The couple said they hadn't even noticed Hall's car until the cup landed.' Not 'she flung a McDonald's cup of ice into the other car, where it flew across the driver and landed all over his girlfriend.' The oblivious couple should have been taken off the road which will prevent their obliviousness from running others off the road in the future. Fix the cause of the real problem not the result." — Warren

"You have 12,000,000 illegal immigrants running around this country like they own it and the justice system locks up this woman for throwing a cup of ice. Please! This proved how screwed up this country really is!" — Joe

"The conviction in this case was wrong. The judge has a final say in sentencing, and I just can not believe the outcome. The conviction was way over the top." — Lofton

"The sentence was certainly too harsh. Even probation is too harsh. What about the driver who cut her off on the road? Weren't his actions dangerous?" — Elizabeth

"No, she needs to be taught a lesson that rage of any kind is not correct behavior ... especially in front of her kids. Did she ever hear the saying, 'two wrongs don't make a right.' My guess is that her life was full of 'fits' of rage, just like the ice incident. Well, now she has some time to sit and think about her actions ... and hopefully change. Coming on national TV and crying about the harshness of the punishment is a sign to me that she is not ready to accept blame for her involvement in this incident. For the public safety, she needs to sit out the rest of her sentence." — Theresa

"Stafford has the worst and strictest cops in the State. They will pull you over for anything and trump up charges as high as they can get away with. This case just proves how screwed up our system is. The most this woman should've had been charged with is littering and MAYBE reckless driving. " — Kevin

"That is just the most ridiculous punishment I've ever heard. This woman's husband is on his third tour and she's here with their children. Sure she shouldn't have launched that cup of ice, but the other car was also showing signs of road rage by cutting her office not once, but TWICE. It was a hot muggy day and everyone was just moody and hot." — Sonia

"Yes, I think it was crazy. Perhaps she deserved a ticket for littering, but I think this case went a little to far. Her husband serving his third tour in Iraq would is enough torment for one family. I believe all records should be erased. I am sure this is lesson learned as she says." — Pam

"This sounds like a scene out of Deliverance. I thought people in Virginia had a little more class. It's comparable to someone cutting you off on the highway and nearly forcing you off the road … and then they get mad at you because you were in their way." — Christian

"Why are you calling it a missile? Was the car moving, or did she throw it at a intersection while they where stopped? At any rate I think the punishment is too harsh. We are letting child predators get by with less jail time. Lets get real." — Bob

"Yes, that sentence is way too harsh. I think a sentence should be established on a case-by-case basis, because shooting at another car and throwing ice into it are two completely different offenses." — Sara

"No, it is not too harsh. It could have caused an accident to other innocent drivers on the road. I hate drivers who 'tail gate' and or cut you off and perhaps you like to shoot them but that would be a bad idea too." — Ed

"I think it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You can do some pretty drastic things in this country and not be charged with a felony like this woman was. It makes me just shake my head at what our country is becoming." — Monica