Courtroom Chaos

Whether you're sick of the coverage, or can't tear your eyes from the tube, the courtoom chaos in the Anna Nicole trial is drawing to a close. Judge Larry Seidlin says he'll decide today who gets custody of Anna Nicole Smith's remains.

The high-profile battle over the former Playmate's body has raged since Smith's untimely death on February 8. Both her estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, and Smith's former attorney, Howard K. Stern, want to handle her funeral arrangements in different ways — with Arthur wanting to bury Smith in her home state of Texas, and Stern wanting to bury her in the Bahamas, where he and Smith resided prior to her death.

The bizarre weeklong hearings have included questions concerning Smith's personal life, whether Arthur profited from her daughter's death, and details about Smith's relationship with Stern, the man listed as the father on her 5-month-old daughter Dannielynn's birth certificate. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

“Anna should be buried by her son Daniel in the Bahamas. I cannot believe a mother would tear her own daughter, even in death, away from her only son. I could understand Arthur's point to have her daughter buried in Texas, if Smith did not already have a son buried somewhere else. I think Arthur only wants Anna in Texas out of spite!” — CJ

“Mom should have custody of Anna's body and her grandson Daniel as well! Stern needs to grow up (maybe too late), and get a Job. ” — Clara

“Her mother should get custody of her body. She is family. Anna Nicole was never married to Howard K Stern!” — Roselyn

“Larry Birkhead should be able to have her buried in California, and then her son should be placed next to her. That way, the baby will be able to visit the mother and brothers grave. Larry should get his daughter let the test get done.” — Noel

“No one! Let the judge cremate her and maybe we will find out who really loved her.” — Fernando

“Her mother should get the remains of both her daughter and grandson to be taken back to Texas. If Stern was Anna's lawyer, why did he not make up a new will after Daniel died ... he had five months!” — Pam

“I think she should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. When Daniel died, she chose to have him buried in the Bahamas. I don't see the sense in disturbing Daniel's final resting place and have him moved. Get this situation resolved, then focus on the DNA and see who the real father is.” — Nancy

“The family has all the rights. She was not married. This trial is becoming a joke. Howard Stern shouldn’t even be involved. He is a parasite.” — Rita

“Anyone except that psychotic mother of hers.” — Jeff

“It doesn't matter where she's buried; she needs to be buried next to her son. If it is in Texas they need to take his remains also.” — Bobbie

“Anna's mother should have custody and the say over arrangements. Right or wrong, she is her mother, unlike the others who are just people that Anna met in her life, and who probably helped her live the lifestyle she did.” — Sandy

“Howard Stern, because he has been there with her during the good and the bad over the last ten years are more.” — Brenda

“The mother Virgie Authur should be the one that gets Anna Nicole's body. However, I hope that she will bury her in California near Marilyn Monroe and have Daniel exhumed and moved to California as well.” — Charles

“I think her mother should be given possession of her body UNLESS Mr. Stern can prove he is the baby's father, which obviously he cannot do.” — Barbara

“Anna Nicole’s mother needs to let her daughter rest in peace once and for all, and be allowed to attend her funeral. If Stern gains the one million dollars from her funeral, as it has been stated, and keeps it for his benefit, SHAME ON HIM! That money should go to the baby in a trust.” — Nicole

“Anna Nicole made it clear for years, whether on drugs or off of them, that she did not have contact family nor did she want any. She despised her mother. Howard Stern has been the closest person to her for years, and I believe he truly loved Anna. Howard Stern should be the one to say where she is buried, and I believe next to Daniel is where she would want to be buried.” — Pamela

“I think I should. She should be buried in Alaska.” — Debbie

“I think Howard K Stern should get her body to do with what he wants and the baby should go to Larry Birkhead — along with the millions in a trust until the baby is old enough.” — Marcia

“Howard Stern — she should be buried by her son. Drugged or not, she hated her mom.” — Janice

“Howard Stern, he is who she choose in life and that should be honored in death as well.” — Niz

“I believe that Ms. Smith should be buried alongside her son in the Bahamas and that Mr. Birkhead should receive custody of his daughter. It’s fairly obvious from the photos that Mr. Stern did not father this child.” — Elaine

“I don’t see how a decision can be made until the biological father is determined. That person should represent DannieLynn as her only living parent, whether we agree with his decision or not. In my opinion, all of the testimony up until now, has been a waste of time, until the real father is determined.” — Sylvestor

“Stern in the Bahamas, and be done with it.” — Liz

“I could care less about who gets the body. I care about a baby who might have serious medical problems if her mother took drugs during her pregnancy. It is a crime that people and lawyers play legal games when the most important issue of the welfare of the child is put on hold.” — Maurice

“Speaking as a parent … I would want my remains to be buried next to my child. Regardless of where anyone else wanted me, I would hope that they would think of where my heart would ultimately want to be” — Bill

“I think Larry Birkhead, after passing a paternity test, should make the decisions in behalf of (if his daughter) DannieLynn.” — Diane

“Let the woman be in peace. It’s all about the money involved and none of the participates care about anything else!” — Jim

“The only person who had been by her side the past many years is Stern. The mother was estranged by Anna’s choice. We saw Anna’s spoken words as to how she felt about the relationship.” — Kim

“Her mother. She is her next of kin and should be allowed to bury her own child.” — Murray

“Anna’s mother should bury her and raise the baby girl. Howard K Stern is a user, loser.” — Lilian

“Howard Stern should get her remains — I think if she could tell us what she wanted it would be to be buried next to her son.” — Lori

“I only constant in all of these testimonies is the love Anna had for Daniel. No one contests that. As a mother, I feel that Anna should be buried next to Daniel, no matter where he was buried.” — Cindy

“Her mother, hands down. Howard K. Stern is a leach and a mooch. The man needs to GET A JOB!” — Trisha

“Anna's body and Daniels body should be given to Virgie and the baby should go to Larry. Howard should go to prison as an accessory to the deaths of Anna and Daniel.” — Tammy

“I think Howard Stern should be allowed to bury her next to her son Daniel. The way she felt about Daniel was obvious. As a mother that is where I would want to be.” — Tamara

“I think Howard should be able to bury Anna Nicole where she wanted to be buried in the Bahamas. He was her companion and she told him things that she would not have told anyone else.” — Cindy

“Everyone knows that Howard K Stern is not that baby’s father. That is the reason he and Anna Nicole went to the Bahamas. Daniel needs to be reburied in California. That is his home. The only reason he was in the Bahamas was to visit his mother and baby sister.” — David

“Her mother should have her daughter and grandson buried in Texas.” — James

“I think Howard K. Stern should be given custody of Anna Nicole’s body for burial in the Bahamas with Daniel. I think Howard is legit and was the best friend Anna ever had. I think he has been in love with her for years and that it is not about the money. I wish DannieLynn would be Howard’s child but I don’t think that she is. ” — Donna