Changing Internet Environment

Despite their grunts and grumbles, even many sworn luddites have finally transitioned into the dot com age.

And it hasn't been TOO bad — without it, they wouldn't be able to read about the day's events on, overnight an outfit bought online for tomorrow night's party, or find that autographed baseball on eBay.

The once online hesitant are now seeing the Internet as more than just a tool of personal satisfaction, but rather the next big leap in communication technologies — a town square meeting without boundaries. Due to the ever-growing "blogosphere," online social networking sites, and websites that endorse political candidates, opinions are being heard all around the world.

Now, FNC wants to how YOU think about the changing Internet environment.

Below are a series of questions asking how you feel about the new things you've been seeing on the net. E-mail us your answers at We're excited to hear your opinions!

1) Many candidates have accounts on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites. How important is it for presidential candidates to have an online presence?

2) What impact will the virtual campaign trail have on the 2008 presidential election?

3) What is your favorite news website?

4) What is your favorite on-line video?

5) What is your favorite blog?

6) Have you ever regretted posting something on the Internet?

* Answers submitted may be read on-air *