Muslim Cabbie Charged With Running Over Students After Religious Dispute

A Muslim cabdriver from Somalia ran over two college students near Vanderbilt University after getting into an argument with them about religion, police said.

Ibrahim Ahmed, 37, a driver for United Cab, picked up two men near the Vanderbilt campus early Sunday morning, Capt. Mike Alexander of the Nashville Police Department said, referring to the incident report.

The two men, reportedly college students from Ohio who were visiting Nashville, were on their way back to the campus.

A conversation about religion ensued between the driver and his two fares. The local FOX affiliate in Nashville confirmed from a friend and fellow co-worker that Ahmed is a Sunni Muslim from Somalia.

At some point, according to the police, the two men exited the cab, and the cabbie also got out. They paid him his fare, and then they exchanged words.

According to the incident report, Ahmed then returned to his cab as the students fled on foot. Ahmed then allegedly drove across a parking lot, jumped a curb and struck the two men.

One of the students, identified as Jeremy Invus, was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with critical injuries. The other passenger, Andrew Nelson, avoided the cab.

Hospital spokeswoman Kathy Rivers told FOX News that Invus is recuperating and does not want to talk to the media about the incident.

Ahmed, charged with assault and attempted homicide, is being held on $300,000 bond. He also was also charged with theft because police said the license plate on his cab was listed as stolen.

"We are working with the police to see what happened," United Cab manager Cherrie Machado said.

"I don't believe he will be working here anymore, but that is up to the licensing cab board — whether they will pull his permit — and the owners of the company."

Machado said she would not feel "comfortable" to have Ahmed back working at the company. She noted that he also teaches English as a second language next door to the cab company.

FOX news' Sharon Fain and The Associated Press contributed to this report.