From Senator to President, and Vice Versa

Come 2008, roles may be swapped, with Hillary in the commander in chief hot seat, and Bill taking over her senatorial duties.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the next N.Y. senator could be her husband, former President Bill Clinton. New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer would have to appoint someone to fill the seat for the remaining two years of Hillary's term.

Harold Ickes, an advisor for Hillary Clinton and a White House aide to the former president said Bill would be a "knockout" as a senator: "He knows issues, he loves public policy and he's a good politician." READ MORE

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, should the governor of New York appoint Bill Clinton to fill out her term as U.S. senator? Write to us at and tell us what you think!

Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"I could go into a long drawn out explanation on what I think about this, but I will just answer with one word — SCARY!" — Shelley

"I'd think the same thing of Bill Clinton in the Senate as I did him in the presidency — nothing! He was a disgrace and shame to our nation then, and will be again given the chance." — John

"I think that if Bill wanted to be the senator from N.Y., he should have ran against Hillary in November!" — Todd

"Can we stop going gaga over the Clintons? Hillary has not even gotten the nomination for president!" — Mark

"Why would a former president even want to be a Senator? Wouldn't this be a step down?" — Brian

"Send Clinton to Little Rock and let him be a librarian in his library" — R.D.

"If Bill Clinton is sent to Washington as a Senator, then I'll finally believe the country has truly lost its senses. The thought that Hillary might become president is horrifying. If the left takes over this country, we will all be doomed. Life as we know it will not exist." — Larry

"I'm fearful of this becoming a reality — the political arena has very little ethical conduct, and the mainstream media will never challenge the appointment of Senator Bill. The liberal media will redefine ethics until its acceptable to have bubba bill as senator." — John

"I sincerely hope she is unsuccessful in her bid to become president, since her husband disgraced the position in his term." — James

"I wish that both Clintons would ride into the sunset. Neither of them have any morals." — Terry

"Enough already! I am sick of two families dominating our government." — John

"Both these carpetbaggers should return to Arkansas. God knows, there's a state that could use strong leadership and change." — Gordon

"Makes me sick to my stomach to think of either possibility (Bill being senator or Hillary being president.) Don't let him have an intern under the age of 50." — Lynn

"While Hillary in the White House is bad enough, appointing Bill Clinton to the Senate would be a disaster of the first magnitude. Haven't we had enough of carpetbagging politicians? The people of New York state deserve much better." — Wallis

"Bill Clinton as a senator — the man who a large amount of people think was an absolute disgrace to the United States presidency — will probably ruin the beautiful state of N.Y. even more. " — Steve

"One Clinton at a time is too many." — Michael

"Bill in the Senate is less frightening than Hillary as president." — Gwen

"Bill Clinton would be a great senator, but I agree that he would be an even better secretary of state." — Robert