We Cannot or We Have Forgotten How to Fight

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This has to be said, written about, yelled about, cried about and fixed, or we can all start learning to pray on rugs.

We cannot fight. Specifically, we cannot fight a global war — against anything really — but we especially don’t seem to be able to fight one against terrorism.

We, that is, the United States of America, are the greatest country with the smartest, bravest, most compassionate people on the planet. The problem is we have forgotten how to fight. We have elected presidents simply because they are not someone else, and we have elections in which we argue about a war that happened 40 years ago, but hardly touched the one we are in right now. We send soldiers into war without the right gear and claim it’s OK, even as they die.

We cannot even figure out why we go to war. Was it WMD that weren’t even there? Was it a noble act to get Saddam out of power, which we did (but probably would not have gone to war just to do that)?

We promote generals and admirals with no combat experience and absolute zero leadership skills, who only knew how to use PowerPoint slides, and required those slides from combat soldiers before they were allowed to go into combat. We allow some of the deadliest, most competent warriors on the planet — United States Navy SEALS — to sit on their ultra-conditioned butts in a war zone without using them for even one damn day.

We allow a country we completely control (Afghanistan) to become the single largest provider of raw heroin, while the country we live in (USA) continues to be the largest users of that same heroin.

We allow victories achieved by our great soldiers to turn into Civil War at best — and complete chaos at worst. We lose $12 billion, because we don’t know how to distribute money — so we put it on trucks, and give to people without checking on them and what they are doing with it. We deny for years that a country (Iran) is actively killing our soldiers. We prosecute our soldiers and Marines for shooting a bad guy too many times. We create rules that stop our soldiers from not just protecting themselves, which would be bad enough, but even worse, prevent them from fighting — or maybe that’s not worse, but equally criminal.

We have not captured the men directly responsible for 9/11. We have not captured these murderers because we allow others to create safe havens where terrorists can hide and make their videotapes.

Now, some will counter my argument with patriotic remarks or with examples of how we really are doing well because … wait for it … because we have not been attacked again. Yeah, these are the same politically-blinded nutjobs who have allowed up to 20 million illegal aliens to not only get into our country and get drivers’ licenses and complete medical care, but also created states that will not even question the status of these illegals, and therefore grant their children college educations. We cannot fight. Hell, we not only cannot fight, we work against ourselves while we are trying to fight.

The things I am pointing to are happening every day in this government of non-fighters. Wake up, kick them out of office, protest, yell, demand they protect your son’s and daughters in uniform, demand we fight and fight to win — not just fight not to lose. We need a nation at war, not just a military fighting in one.

Right now, the State Department cannot even fill the posts they have in Iraq, because they cannot order their people to go. Unbelievable! Right now in Iraq, there is no legal system, no banking system and close to no government — yet we the greatest nation in the world, with thousands of government workers in D.C., and we cannot afford, or worse, aren’t willing, to send some of them to Iraq? We not only cannot fight, we won’t. You see, fighting is not just soldiers dying in Mosul — it is also FBI agents doing their jobs, (by the way, they can’t, because only 33 of them speak Arabic). Fighting is also the Department of the Treasury cracking banks with links to terrorists.

Fighting this war can happen in our homes, where we should sacrifice to help the cause. In World War II, it happened with war bonds, moms working in factories, with blackouts, and tin drives. In this war, our leaders not only tell us not to fight, they also tell us to go about our business as if nothing is wrong. We cannot fight if we are lying to ourselves while we’re doing it.

“So what?” you might ask, “We have not been attacked, and well, we like this president — or we don’t, but there is global warming or there is that blonde who died with at least four guys claiming to be the father of her baby, while her own body is getting ripe in a morgue — or some diaper-wearing astronaut running around — or my flat screen TV works really well.” Did I mention that we cannot fight?

Colonel David Hunt has over 29 years of military experience, including extensive operational experience in Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Operations. You can read his complete bio here.