Study Shows Men Inherently Ignore Wives

A study may indicate that your husband is inherently lazy.

A study published by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology researches the male "reactance" — the tendency to do the exact opposite of what's requested by a loved one or boss. The study further investigates whether this phenomenon might occur at a subconscious level.

The experiments performed to test a man's laziness included asking participants to name a significant person they perceived as controlling their lives, and another who wanted them to have fun. Then, they were asked to make words from jumbled letters on a computer screen, while these two names they mentioned were flashed subliminally. The test showed that men were able to make words better, when exposed to the name of the one who wanted them to have fun. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

“Heck no, that's not it at all. It is that men are only capable of doing one thing at a time — so when does she ask for something else to be done? While he's doing that one thing! No wonder nothing gets done.” — Ed

“When men grow up with good, female influences in their lives, I think they are more loving to their wives. I don't think the study shows any indication that men are tuning out their wives.” — Jade (Arizona)

“I don't think that men want to do the opposite of what their wives ask, but I do believe they are hard wired to not do what they ask them to do. Maybe it has something to do with feeling superior to females ... not really sure why!” — Darlene

“Men definitely ignore their wives!” — Soon To Be Wife

“I don’t have access to the whole study, but I noticed that the headline mentioned men and their wives, but in the description below it stated that the men were asked to choose a person who they perceived as controlling their lives. Was this always their spouse? As I sit here and type, I am watching a few people that I perceive as controlling my life: my three kids!” — Sandy

“No, I don’t believe a word of it. Psychologists have nothing really important to offer humanity, so they come up with theories that they ‘investigate.’ They roll out some big ‘finding’ that does nothing for anybody. It gets them published so they can get funding to further fuel their worthless endeavors.” — Hans

“I don't think husbands are wired to ignore their wives — I believe men to be incapable of doing what is right.” — Stuart

“Sure, and the same can be said of some wives. In my opinion, the nature of the relationship determines how people act and react to each other, not some ‘bad gene.’ When are we going to stop trying to disassociate ourselves from any responsibility for our own behavior?” — Phil

“Depends on what is asked and how, but my nature, no. My wife can get me to do what she wants with the right persuasion.” — John

“There will always be people trying to put a wedge between women and men, no matter what the excuse is.” — Liz

“Yes, my husband fits the description. Good to know he's (I'm) not alone!” — Mary Anne

“I think this is directly related to whether men feel that their wives are trying to control them. Historically men had a dominant role, but now it is common for wives to subconsciously try to take the dominant role. Men then see their wives as 'the boss' instead of a partner. This perception makes it natural for men to reject the attempt to control them. The net of all this is, is that if a wife wants her husband to do something, she will be much more likely to get it, if she asks in a way that doesn't come across as demanding, controlling, unreasonable, nagging, or whining.” — Rob

“I think the key to the study is that men only exhibit reactance when they feel the person is overbearing and controlling. Unfortunately, many wives do qualify. I think if a wife has historically shown the husbands happiness and interest to be important, he won't tune it out. Less nagging = more listening” — Patrick

“It's all rooted in pride, plus we don't like being predictable.” — Stan

“You need to look no further than Bill & Hillary Clinton. Do I need to say more?” — Katie

“We dont do the opposite of what our wives want by nature but perhaps by choice. Have you seen the way men are portrayed by the media? We are made to look like knuckle dragging idiots, so why would women treat us any better then that? We know we are not stupid, just tired of being treated like idiots. When will you ask the same question of women.” — Jeff