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What will it take for the U.S. to close our borders, while still allowing frequent legal access from one country to another? — Gregory (Pittsburgh, PA)

Col. Hunt: It will take two things, neither of which has happened yet: first, force / coerce / beg / bribe the countries from which the illegals are coming and get their help in stopping this and second, militarize our border with more National Guard and about 10,000 more border agents. Oh, and a third thing — vote out of office all opposed to this.

As a father of a Marine on his second tour in Iraq, I am deeply concerned about the lack of political or military will needed to execute the necessary initiatives which might position us to secure any long term stability or peace in the Middle East. I’m curious as to how you see these scenarios played out in the next two to five years. Do I need to turn my shed into a bomb shelter this summer? — Gary (Sacramento, CA)

Col. Hunt: Gary: First, may God keep your son safewhere do we get such young men? We have lost our ability to fight, I am afraid. Your son deserves leaders both political and military like Ike, Grant, Marshall, Truman, Hank Emerson or David Hackworth. Without the political and military leadership, we all better learn to pray on a rug. Men like your son have been making up for piss-poor leadership both in and out of the military for far too long.

Why did the Bush administration let Generals Abizaid and Casey allow things to drag on for years after we won the maneuver war in 2003? Do you think if Bush hadn't hidden in the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam, that he might understand how to fight a war? — Terry (Atlanta, GA)

Col. Hunt: The Bush Administration, through Rumsfeld and the two generals you mentioned, turned a great victory over four years ago in Iraq into the chaos, guerilla and civil war we are all seeing today. Part of the problem is that Generals Casey and Abazaid had little to no combat experience before being put in charge of Iraq, with predictable results.

As to the president’s “hidden” National Guard time, the National Guard deserved better than some rich kid taking advantage of the lack of attendance standards that was in place 40 years ago. But let us not forget the current vice president, who when asked why he did not serve, is alleged to have said, “ I did not have the time.” I think we are all better served in time of wars with leaders who have seen war. The Democrats had similar problems with LBJ in Vietnam.

We called the telephone number posted on the podium where Jane Fonda spoke and we were told the following: "We count the number of terrorists killed. Add the number of civilians killed by the terrorists. Then add the number of people killed by Saddam. All of this adds up to over 600,000 people." Is this correct? — Jarrett and Helen (Denver, CO)

Col. Hunt: The U.S. government has refused to count, or if they are counting, has refused to acknowledge any number of death toll above 40,000which is absurdly low. The Iraq Government had said over 150,000. Johns Hopkins did a study recently and came up with over 600,000. My bet is that the number is close to over 400,000 in four years.

Colonel, what would be difficult with the CIA joining Israel to pay “native” guys to infiltrate and assassinate key personnel involved in Iran’s nuclear program? Kevin (Twin Cities, MN)

Col. Hunt: Oh hell no, it’s not difficult. It could be politically dangerous, but we should have done so years ago. You can go to any major city and find hundreds of immigrants who, for some money and help with their families will go to work for us. Now, it would not be pretty, but one or two might get through to do the deal. We do not have the guts to do thiswe won’t even talk about it, but we should.

I am curious to know if U.S. forces have searched for WMDs in and around those large lakes in the center of Iraq. Is it possible any could be hidden in the Euphrates or it’s canals? — Jeff (Texas)

Col. Hunt: We did look there. We had 1,500 experts running around and found no stockpiles. We did find programs and intentions, in writing, but the truth is, we did not go into Iraq for intentions. That stuff has not been there for at least nine years, and we either knew that and went to war anyway, or did not know that and went to war out of ignorance. Either is bad.

To be clear, I would have gone to war with Saddam for the Salmin Park Terrorist Training Camp, for allowing Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas to live in Iraq, and for giving $25,000 to suicide bombers to kill Jewish children -- but that’s Saddam, not Iraq. Killing that bastard did not need to take this long and cost this much in soldiers’ lives and limbs.

If Iraq did not have WMDs since 1998, why did Saddam resist having weapons inspectors in the country? Why were they blocked from entering certain facilities? — Andrew (Hummelstown, PA)

Col. Hunt: It is believed he played this game for two reasons: first, he never thought we would attack, and second, to keep the appearance to his fellow Arabs that he was powerful.

Is there a force multiplier to determine the correct number of troops to secure the troubled areas in and around Baghdad? How many troops vs. populace do the manuals stipulate would normally be needed to quell in insurgency that already has a foothold? — TK

Col. Hunt: Yes, Baghdad is the size of Los Angeles and has over 6 million people in it. More than 300,000 soldiers are needed to put down this Civil War and insurgency – to me, that means 300,000 Iraq soldiers and police. Once you quiet it down, then you revert to your police. To give some perspective, In Los Angeles, I think there are 9,000 cops.

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Colonel David Hunt has over 29 years of military experience, including extensive operational experience in Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Operations. You can read his complete bio here.