Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband to File Paternity Challenge Over Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter

Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, told the Associated Press he plans to file a paternity challenge in court this week to gain custody of Anna Nicole Smith's infant daughter, even if it costs him his marriage.

"I'm going to make the DNA test," he said. "If the court rules in my favor, I will go to the Bahamas and pick up the child."

Von Anhalt, 59, and Gabor, 90, have been married for more than 20 years. The news of her husband's alleged affair has deeply upset Gabor, according to von Anhalt.

"She says, of course, 'If you bring a baby home then it's over,"' he said. "If my wife wants to divorce me then it's up to her."

Von Anhalt will join two other men already claiming they fathered the child, Dannielynn.

Smith's companion Howard K. Stern is listed on the infant's birth certificate as the father, but former Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead is waging a legal challenge also claiming he is the father.

Von Anhalt told the Associated Press last week that he had a decade-long affair with Smith. He said he is more likely to be the father than either Stern or Birkhead because he was with Smith during the period when the child was conceived.

Von Anhalt said he was meeting today with attorney Gloria Allred to see if she will take his case. Allred could not be reached for comment.

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