What Happens in Vegas, Sticks to Vegas

Las Vegas is living up to its moniker. Sin City has topped Men's Health's list of the fattest cities in America.

Where do the other chubbies live?

The magazine's nonscientific survey of 50 cities in its March issue lists the Top 10 fattest cities as Las Vegas, up from No. 2 last year; San Antonio; Miami; Mesa, Ariz.; Los Angeles; Houston; Dallas; El Paso, Texas; Detroit; and San Jose, Calif.

It's the ninth annual Fittest and Fattest Cities in America survey for the magazine, which rates everything from fast-food restaurants per capita to TV-viewing to weather patterns to decide which American cities tip the scales and which don't.

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Folks have the best chance of staying svelte in Albuquerque, N.M., followed by Seattle, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Minneapolis.

Guess what they say is true: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas ... and gets stuck to the city's people.

There Once Was a Man From Monkeys Eyebrow ...

Kentuckian Billy Pippin will tell you where he's from, but reckons you'll find him a little crazy.

"They think you haven't got all your marbles," the resident of Monkeys Eyebrow, Ky., tells the Louisville Courier-Journal.

It's a problem facing lots of Kentuckians, a proud bunch who happen to live in wacky places like Hi Hat, Bugtussle and Eighty Eight.

The paper reports that the origins of these tiny hamlets are ambiguous, with people telling tales to suit their fancy.

"A lot of people like to tell the stories because people like to tell stories, even if they may not be true," said Robert Rennick, author of the book "Red Hot to Monkey's Eyebrow."

Eighty-eight, according to retired lawmaker Bobby Richardson of Glasgow, was due to his great-great-great-grandfather's poor penmanship. The shopkeeper received permission, he says, to change the name of the town.

"He counted the change that he had in his pocket and he had 88 cents, and it became Eighty Eight," Richardson said.

Other stories contend the name was due to the 8.8 miles between Glasgow and Eighty Eight.

As for Monkeys Eyebrow, it was named because of a general store that sat on a foliage-covered ridge, looking like the eyes of a monkey peering out on the settlers below.

Chinese Astronauts Blast Off to Potato Land

SHANGHAI, China (AP) — Having boldly gone where no spud has before, Chinese space potatoes are now the latest culinary fad to hit the country's ultra-trendy commercial hub of Shanghai.

Slightly sweet and purple in color, the potatoes, named Purple Orchid Three, are bred from seeds that mutated while being carried aboard a Chinese spacecraft, the Shanghai Daily newspaper reported Monday.

Grower Haikou Purple Orchid Co. Ltd. is promoting them as a unique food option, and restaurants in the city are offering them for Valentine's Day dinners, served crispy fried, or in salads, desserts and even iced drinks, the newspaper said.

China's space program claims to have produced numerous mutated fruits and vegetables by exposing seeds to space radiation, capsule pressure and weightlessness.

Chinese agricultural experts say plants grown from such seeds can be hardier, more nutritious and produce higher yields, although many scientists say similar effects could be achieved in ordinary laboratories.

The space program, which has successfully completed two manned missions, is a source of massive national pride for China, and companies marketing everything from milk to magazines have bought the rights to be endorsed by it.

You Can X-Ray It, but It's Still a Carryon

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A 66-year-old German tourist, annoyed by stringent security at Manila's airport, dropped his pants before walking through an X-ray machine, newspapers said Monday.

Authorities were not amused.

Instead of boarding a flight to Frankfurt on Friday, Hans Jurgen Oskar von Naguschewski was detained after police filed a complaint of lasciviousness against him, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star reported.

"He must have been annoyed that he was asked to walk through the X-ray twice so he took off his pants," airport security chief Angel Atutubo said.

Oskar spent the weekend in police detention and was to face the prosecutor Monday. If convicted, he could face six months to six years in jail.

"He was clearly irked and he showed it by disrobing," police Superintendent Atilano Morada told the Inquirer.

Interstate 66 Gets Egg All Over Its Face

WASHINGTON (AP) — Drivers on their way to breakfast in northern Virginia found it all over the road after nearly 165,000 eggs spilled out of an overturned tractor-trailer on the Capital Beltway.

"It looked like a large omelet," said Michael Karbonski, of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The tractor-trailer crashed into a guard rail early Sunday, spilling its runny load and forcing officials to close an exit ramp to Interstate 66 and the far left lane of Interstate 495 north for several hours. Everything reopened just after 11 a.m.

The truck driver fled the scene before police arrived. State police spokesman Sgt. Terry Licklider said the driver would likely face charges for fleeing and possibly other offenses.

"For him to just up and leave like that, that's kinda odd," Licklider said.

Transportation spokeswoman Joan Morris said the eggs made their way to a drainage ditch, where they created "a river of yellow yolk."

The cleaning crew used kitty litter — 250 pounds of it — to absorb the highway omelet then swept it up and took it away in three trash bins, Morris said.

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Sara Bonisteel.

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