Rapper Jadakiss Indicted on Gun and Drug Charges

Jadakiss, the rapper who wrote controversial lyrics about President Bush and the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on New York City, has been indicted on gun and drug charges.

Using his real name of Jason Phillips, Jadakiss entered a not guilty plea Thursday to charges of possessing a loaded handgun and marijuana.

He was arrested Oct. 7 with three other men in his native Yonkers. Police said they stopped the car he was in after smelling marijuana and then found the gun.

"I have yet to see or hear of any evidence connecting my client to possessing this weapon," said the rapper's lawyer, Clement Patti. He said Jadakiss was in the back seat and didn't know there was a gun in the front console.

Jadakiss' most recent album was "Kiss of Death." He had a hit single, "U Make Me Wanna," featuring Mariah Carey. His 2004 song "Why" included lyrics asking, "Why did Bush knock down the towers?" He said later it meant the president had failed to stop terrorism.

If convicted on the gun charge in Westchester County Court, the maximum sentence he would face is 16 months to seven years in prison. The law was toughened in November to provide a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years.

Two of the other arrested men face similar charges. No indictment of the fourth was announced.